Ladera Test Track

Part of the massive racing complex inspired by the mountains near Barcelona, Spain, Ladera Test Track is specifically engineered to push cars to the limits. Ladera is intended to be a location where drivers can explore their car’s tune, testing for weaknesses and looking for the subtle improvements that will give them the edge in close racing. Ladera’s long carousel is a great place to examine the limits of adhesion, and the many tightly kinked chicanes allow close inspection of how cars handle quick side-to-side loading. With seven turns over the full 1.2 mile course, it is also an exciting place to assess the competition by going wheel-to-wheel with other players. Not to mention that the beautiful setting enhances the track’s realism—Ladera’s brightly colored tarmac contrasts nicely with the ancient rocks and vibrant trees for a wholly immersive racing experience.

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