European Gold Unlocked Weekend

Ian Webster
jeudi 7 mars 2013


This weekend from 8th to 10th March sees Microsoft running their biggest ever Xbox Live Gold Unlock Weekend, offering free access to Xbox Live Gold to Silver members and opening up multiplayer functionality across all Xbox games. Current Xbox LIve Silver members will also be granted premium access to entertainment apps on Xbox Live, such as those from Sky, Netflix and YouTube, as well as Xbox Video.


When we heard that this Gold Unlocked weekend was happening we knew we had to get ourselves involved, and to coincide with this event we’re going to be running a special “Gold Unlocked” Rivals event in Forza Horizon, which will be going live at 12pm GMT on Friday 8th March.



Gold Unlocked Challenge

In this special rivals event we’re asking you to take to the roads of Colorado in one of the most exhilarating supercars available today, the McLaren MP4-12C. Driving across tarmac, gravel, and dirt, your skills will be pushed to the limit, with supernatural reflexes a must if you want to complete the course unscathed, let alone rank near the top of the leaderboards. To make this a pure test of driving ability, no car updates are allowed.


To play the Forza Horizon Gold Unlocked Weekend Challenge, simply:


1. Connect to Xbox Live

2. Load up Forza Horizon

3. Enter single player mode

4. Head to “Race Central” at the Horizon Festival Hub on the game map.

5. Select the “Rivals” option on the Race Central menu

6. Select the Monthly Rivals option

7. Select the “Gold Unlocked Weekend Challenge” rivals event from the list of events.

8. If you already own the McLaren MP4-12C then you can select the car from “My Garage” option, if you do not own the car then you also have the option to loan one out for the event from the “Rental Garage”.

9. Race!




Gold Unlocked Game with Turn 10 Event


The rivals event described above isn’t all we’re doing for this weekend’s Gold Unlocked event, as we’re also going to be hosting a special Gold Unlocked Game with Turn 10 event this Friday 8th March from 7pm-9pm GMT.


We'll be playing both Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon with the community, chilling out in the chat room, and giving away plenty of unicorn cars!


To get in on the fun on Friday just click this link.


We’re really looking forwards to seeing some new faces!