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Maple Valley Raceway

One of the most beautiful and enduring circuits in the Forza franchise, Maple Valley is a deceptively challenging course that has something to offer for racers, photographers, and drifters of every level. Set in the fictional woods of Maple Valley in New England, the course is a showcase of natural beauty and history—don’t miss the brand-new covered bridge, sure to become a hotspot for photographers looking to capture the perfect images of their Forza rides. For racers, the initial experience of the sweeping turns and gentle elevation changes provides an enjoyable place to build skills, but many of the course’s corners—particularly the downhill segments—will provide a true test of nerves as perfect braking and turn in are required to master them. The narrow course also has few places to pass, so racing strategy is paramount—pick your overtaking spot wisely. More than anything else, Maple Valley is one of the most fluid courses around, with a flow that results in a high average speed. That also makes the course, especially the short variant, perfect for drifting as well. Regardless of what you want to do on-track at Maple Valley, the stunning colors of the fall leaves are the perfect backdrop.

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