Forza Week in Review 9-13-19

Brian Ekberg
Friday, September 13, 2019


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s almost time to start your engines. The Forza Racing Championship Invitational Series 2019 is just eight days away and the team here at Turn 10 is positively stoked to get the racing underway. Over the past couple of weeks since our big announcement of the 2019 season, we’ve been busy putting the final touches on the new racing formats, the broadcast plans, and all the additional details that will make this season so spectacular. Over on the ForzaRC Twitter account, we’ve also been dropping details on the driver lineups for each of the 13 teams that will be competing in the action, which kicks off next Saturday on the Forza Mixer and Twitch channels.


While there are still a few team lineups to announce, there’s no doubt that the 2019 season features some heavyweight talent. There are powerhouse teams like Red Bull Racing Esports and Lazarus, full of names that will be instantly familiar to ForzaRC fans – including Laige, b0x, Venom, ForceOne, Racerz, and Rossi. There are long-standing names in the Forza community, refactored and reorganized into new entities – think of Sauber Esports with drivers like ZooM, ChemicaL, Dave(yskills) and Zermatt, and the likes of JOTA eSport with Commando, South, and Bowkett. There are also the unknowns, such as the Mordor Game Club, with drivers like ChicPizza, Mango, and Miaow226; names that may soon become household names for ForzaRC fans.


Team roster announcements will wrap up on Monday, September 16, but there’s more great information to convey before the season begins on September 21. Today, let’s introduce the ForzaRC 2019 Caster Team, who will be bringing you the action every Saturday:



A long-time ForzaRC caster, Alie Tacq moves from ForzaRC color analyst to the play-by-play chair for the 2019 season. If you’re a regular viewer of the Forza channel on Mixer and Twitch, you already know Alie’s beaming personality and undeniable enthusiasm for Forza racing via his Monday and Tuesday streaming shows, “#ForzaGT” and “Yaacht’s All Stars.”


IMSA pit reporter and commentator Shea Adam joins Alie on the desk as color analyst for the 2019 season. Shea brings a wealth of racing knowledge and experience to the ForzaRC desk, having covered the likes of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Indy Car, the Bathurst 12 Hour, the Pirelli World Challenge, and more during her career.


If you’ve ever spent time watching the Mecum Car Auction, you’ve probably seen Kate Osborne in her element. Kate’s work has appeared on Fox Sports, ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, and, of course, the 2018 Forza Racing Championship. We’re thrilled to welcome Kate back as a reporter/host for the 2019 season.


Brian Ekberg is the Forza commun… Wait. You know this guy. NEXT!


Gabriella Devia-Allen may be better known by her handle, LeTigress. An active esports host and Twitch streamer, Gabi’s busy broadcast schedule has seen her working top-notch productions with GameSpot, League of Legends, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Rocket League, and many more. We’re delighted to welcome her to the stage for the 2019 season.


Andy Berg (aka Flipmode) is a sim racing fan, manager for THR esports, and commentator for YMTV. Last season, Andy shared desk duties during the Seattle Series 1 finals and was an integral part of the behind-the-scenes action during the Series 2 finals in Mexico City. This year, as an analyst, Andy brings his unmatched passion for racing and a keen eye for detail to each broadcast.


Mellish got his start with the ForzaRC caster team during the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans championship. A fantastic driver in his own right, Mellish was a finalist for the 2019 Le Mans Esports competition. He’ll put that experience to use, offering his expert analysis and inside understanding of the ForzaRC driver mindset during the season.


Whether you’re looking for an ace driver behind the wheel or a commentator of exemplary skill, Charlie Martin has got you covered. Martin began her first full season of circuit racing in 2018, competing in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge. She’s also commentated on MotorsTV and has appeared on Good Morning Britain, BBC, Sky Sports News, and more.


From coverage of Comic-Con to appearances on Inside Xbox, Kate Yeager is a familiar face in the world of Xbox. A passionate esports fan, Kate has also worked with Forza in the past, having hosted our Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels expansion livestream from Hot Wheels HQ, as well as the Forza Motorsport 6 launch show from the Petersen Museum.


With just a few days to go before the season begins, we’ve still got a few more big announcements coming for the ForzaRC. Next Friday, September 20th look for the full details on the competitive format we’ll be running this season, detailing how the teams will be competing with one another, as well as news on cars and tracks that teams will be running during the first weekend of competition. Before that, tune in to Alie Tacq’s “Yaacht’s All Stars” broadcast on Tuesday, September 17th for the seeding of each of the teams in the competition. The show starts at 10 a.m. Pacific, so don’t miss it!


Racerz on Team Racing

As the season approaches, the drivers of the ForzaRC are getting ready for battle the best way they know how: on the track. Earlier this week, Lazarus team driver Racerz posted a great video featuring his analysis of a recent practice session between the Lazarus team and some of their competition. In the video, Racerz offers his insight into how he and his teammates are thinking about car choices before races, and how they are working together on the track to get the best results possible.


If you’re looking for insight from one of the best drivers in the world on how team racing could shake up the ForzaRC, make sure you watch this:



Last Chance to ‘Ask Forza’

Our next episode of “Forza Monthly” will be on September 23 and we’re hitting the road, bringing you the show from beautiful, historic Britain -- Playground Games HQ, to be specific! While the setting will be new, we’re still planning a great episode full of Forza news and discussion and you still have a chance to be part of the show. Head over to and submit your best Forza-related question; we’ll select our favorites to answer on the air during the show. We’re closing submissions on Monday, so get your questions in now!


One other cool opportunity for you route creators out there. If you create a new route in Forza Horizon 4 and submit it to us, your creation could be featured in a future episode of “Forza Monthly.” To submit your created route for consideration, simply follow the instructions found at and be on the lookout for your route on a future “Forza Monthly”!



#WPW: ’74 Karmann Ghia

Johniwanna brought in some family this week on #WheelandPedalWeds. His uncle John owned many Volkswagens in his youth and now has returned to his roots with this 1974 VW Karmann Ghia. The car is original throughout, and that is the way he intends to keep it.


John's 16-year-old-son Aiden is quite mechanically adept and loves figuring out nuanced performance issues. Since the purchase earlier this year, the father/son pair have worked through a few mechanical issues and have restored a few aftermarket items with original equipment. This will be Aiden's first car when he gets his license later this summer. Appropriately named "Kermit" and adorned with the "It ain't easy being green" license plate holders, this is one beautiful classic worthy of getting a closer look at. 



If you missed this week’s show live, you can watch the replay here.


Scott Soden on #ForzaFriday

Today’s guest for #ForzaFriday is Scott Soden. Scott is the Talent Producer for the Forza Racing Championship and comes to Turn 10 after a couple years at Microsoft Office 365 and 18 years in radio. (As Scott says, radio is that thing your parents used to listen to.) He’s co-hosted a syndicated morning show and spent time in Seattle sports talk as well. After writing communications for Office 365, Scott made his way to Forza in January of 2018 and is responsible for selecting and managing all things talent for the ForzaRC.


On today’s show we’ll be chatting with Scott about his career and talking about the cast of the 2019 ForzaRC season. Join us for the show when it kicks off at 3 p.m. Pacific on the official Forza Mixer and Twitch channels.


Weekly photo contest winner by QuickSloth10237.


That about wraps it up for this edition of the Forza Week in Review. I’ll be on the road next weekend for the first week of ForzaRC competition and then on to the U.K. September edition of Forza Monthly. As a result, the date for the next edition of the Week in Review is still being worked out. We’ll keep you informed on Forza social channels, and I’ll see you on the air soon!