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Forza Week in Review 5-19-17

Brian Ekberg
Friday, May 19, 2017

The Forza Racing Championship is heading to Le Mans! As we announced this week the Season 3 finals of the ForzaRC will take place the weekend as the 24 Hours of Le Mans. More importantly, the ForzaRC finals will actually be part of the greatest endurance race in the world. That’s right, players who are on hand at Le Mans competing in the finals will be an official part of the race, competing in a brand new racing class: the Official Endurance Esports Category. Even better: as an official race category in the 2017 Le Mans running, the ForzaRC winners will be accepting their trophy on the same 24 Hours of Le Mans podium as the winning Le Mans drivers.



Accompanying the Finals announcement, we’ve also revealed more on the format of the finals, as well as the cars and tracks that will be featured. Sure, Season 3 is presented by Porsche, but I’m pleased to announce that, in true Le Mans fashion, our finalists will be driving cars from multiple manufacturers during Le Mans weekend. From a bevy of Porsche cars to Le Mans winners like the #66 Ford GT Le Mans car, there will be plenty of challenge and lots of quick cars for players and viewers to enjoy.


The Season 3 will be the biggest esports event in Le Mans history, and certainly the biggest ForzaRC event we’ve put together yet, with dozens of qualifying players from all over the world converging in France to compete. For Elite Series players who are interested in learning more about the travel and expenses eligibility, as well as information on RSVPs, keep an eye out on GFinity’s Elite Series Rules and Handbook, which will provide all of the updated information.


We are weeks away from the culmination of ForzaRC Season 3 and naturally we’ll be broadcasting the whole thing on Beam, Twitch, and elsewhere. In other words, see you all at Le Mans!


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest winner by holden88805


ForzaRC Week 2 Recap

Forza Racing Championship commentator Alie Tacq wraps up Week 2 Elite Series action of the Forza Racing Championship Season 3:


The Elite Cup on Forza Motorsport 6 is split into two routes, both - for the very best racers - leading to Le Mans. On one hand, racers battle it out on track, attempting to prove themselves as the hardest fighters. On the other, hot-lap specialists push to hook together the perfect lap hoping to show themselves to be the fastest and smoothest drivers. Many of the names most familiar to the ForzaRC have been focusing on the Rivals qualifying route. The championship is currently lead by CAR Laige with his three eSPORTS+CARS teammates, Lightning, Box and DaveySkills locking out the top four behind him. The brilliance of the team CAR have put together for this championship cannot be overstated.


As the first racer to spoil eSPORTS+CARS fun at the top of the leader board, F4H Venom (previously Nova, and before that Frame) has done an astonishing job to consistently see himself at the pointy end of the time sheets. But after 4th and 3rd in the first two rounds of the Rivals events, 9th in Week 3 must have felt like a blow - so it will be interesting to see whether Venom can rally in the final two events.


Another team worth following is BAM e-Sports. With four of their drivers currently running in the top 50 -- ASIX13 (9th), Seven (10th), Anto (16th) and Myst (18th) – the team seems bound to bring a great showing to the grand final. After giving event winner CAR Lightning a good run for his money in New York, ASIX13 especially seems to be on incredible form this year.


Finally it is worth mentioning the three remaining privateer drivers in the top 50. Running laps at this pace without teammates to exchange notes with is an incredible feat, so I sincerely hope that BryceMW, NVirus999 and Haslaminator can maintain their positions all the way to the end of this event.



Last week saw Forza Motorsport 6’s fastest racers battle for championship points in the first round of the Elite Cup Racing route. Here, the top 12 racers for each region (Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Oceanic) fought for their spaces in the offline final at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


With close racing across a diverse range of tracks and cars, a huge congratulations is in order for each of the championship leaders per region: TX3 PAPS (Europe), CAR Harmonic (North America), RBM Wesley (Latin America), JSR AziDhk (Asia) and GTR Ne (Oceanic). With one round out of the way, each of these hard chargers have given themselves the best possible chance moving forward.


But the greatest drive of the week had to come from RoadRunner, driving for Alien Motorsport and currently 4th in the EMEA standings. Watching him move through the field after a tough start at Virginia International Raceway was a testament to how great drivers react to tough luck - it was a race that took guts and absolute inspiration.


Sadly, racing has its down sides too, and one of the toughest moments saw teammates ERS Hornet and ERS Oxy come together while running 4th and 5th in the North American race route. The bump allowed the privateer Paul9339 inside their defenses and, although they managed to hold Paul9339 off, post race penalties for rough moments saw the ERS pair slip down through the positions.



With the racing championship heating up week by week it will be incredible to see who will come back this Sunday for another bite of the apple. As we all know, nobody wins a championship in the first round - it requires consistency, race after race.


So as we look towards the fourth week of the ForzaRC, a new selection of cars and a new selection of tracks, the question remains: Who will win their ticket to the incredible offline final in Le Mans? To find out more tune in on Sunday the 21st of May at 3pm and 9pm BST / 7am and 1pm Pacific on Beam and catch all of the racing action.


To keep up to date with championship results, news and the ForzaRC community be sure to follow @ForzaRC on twitter.


Hot Wheels/Blizzard Mountain Issues

We are aware of an issue affecting Forza Horizon 3: Hot Wheels, where PC players cannot play or travel to Blizzard Mountain since the Hot Wheels update. This issue is surfacing for players who have purchased the Expansion Pass but does not seem to be affecting players who purchased both expansions separately.


We are working with the Xbox Store to try and remedy this situation but there currently is no ETA on when the fix will arrive. In the meantime, there is a workaround that may be successful for affected PC players who own the expansion pass but are unable to launch the game because their previous save was from Blizzard Mountain. Until the issue is resolved, we recommend temporarily uninstalling Blizzard Mountain. Doing this will spawn the player back on the main map of Australia, where they can continue to play and access the Hot Wheels expansion.


For PC players who own the Expansion Pass and who want to play Blizzard Mountain, but are getting an “infinite load” when trying to travel, we advise temporarily uninstalling the Hot Wheels expansion. This will allow players to play the main game and access Blizzard Mountain content.


In both cases, once the issue is resolves, players will be able to reinstall the expansion content and will be able to access both sets of content as expected. We’d like to apologize for this inconvenience and will keep the community updated on the latest on this issue here in the Week in Review and in the Forza Forums.


Gold Rush Rally

We welcomed some true automotive hotness to Forza HQ this week, when the Gold Rush Rally made its way through Seattle. More than 50 beautifully wrapped exotics made their way to the Turn 10 parking lot to put on an impromptu auto show that brought out practically everyone in the studio, despite the rainy weather. Members of the Gold Rush Rally also got a tour of Turn 10, and a chance to play Forza. Check out some of the highlights:



Not long after their Forza visit, rally participants visited Spokane in eastern Washington. According to this local news story, as many as 10 drivers were pulled over for excessive speed. Now some might want to make an unfair connection between playing Forza one day and getting pulled over not long after… but officially we can neither confirm nor deny that correlation.


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest winner by Legion-Bear2


Welcome Bonny

I’m happy to welcome a new member to the Turn 10 team this week. Bonny recently joined Forza as our new Community Liasion. She’ll be helping Turn 10 and Playground keep track of community issues in Forza games, so we can provide better service to all Forza players. You can catch her on Twitter @StDxNitroGlittr and on the Forza Forums at the GT: Nitro Glitter. Here’s more from Bonny in her own words:


Hi Everyone! Some of you might be wondering “Who is this pleb?” so here is a little bit about me.  I am a US Army Vet with a little over 17 years in the gaming industry. I’ve done everything from being a Competitive Gamer to Community Management and everything in between, around and under. I am thrilled to be working with such an awesome team at Turn 10 Studios and I can’t wait to get to know you all better. My Gamertag is Nitro Glitter so feel free to add me. If I’m not working… I am gaming, streaming, or being creative with all kinds of mediums.


Finally, I will leave you with some totally random things about me. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Nova, followed by my second car which was a 1972 Chevelle SS (which got totaled in a terrible accident and a little piece of me died inside). I am obsessed with cupcakes and have a pet hamster named Penelope!


Thanks to all of you for welcoming me into your world and I look forward to seeing you all online!


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest winner by TJHOOKERno1



A new #Forzathon kicks off this weekend and that means a chance to win some great stuff in Forza Horizon 3. Leading off the list is the Porsche Carrera GT; simply complete a Street Race and the car can be yours. Here’s a look at the rest of the weekend’s fun:



#ForzaFriday – Unboxing the 24h Legend

If you follow Forza creative director Dan Greenawalt on Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of his recent Tweets talking about his new Xbox Design Labs special controller he helped design. Inspired by iconic racing imagery of the past, this controller is something to behold in person. Dan will be joining me today for our #ForzaFriday livestream broadcast, during which we’ll be unveiling his Xbox Design Labs controller for the first time, and chatting about all the latest Forza news.


Join us starting at 3 p.m. Pacific on the Forza Beam and Twitch channels. See you there!


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest winner by Executioner-UK


Gold Rush Rally photo credits to Michael McClary