Forza Week in Review 2-1-19

Brian Ekberg
Friday, February 1, 2019

In today’s edition of the Forza Week in Review we’ve got a look at the latest happenings in Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7, we check out an excellent track guide from a pair of ForzaRC greats, plus we set you up for the February edition of Forza Monthly, and more. Ready, set, go!


Forza Horizon 4 | Winter

The winter season has arrived in Forza Horizon 4 and while it’s far from the Polar Vortex, there’s plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the chilly temperatures in the vehicles of your choice.


For the full story on the Winter Season, plus some Johniwanna-powered insight into this week’s Car Pass cars -- the 1966 Hillman Imp and the 1963 Opel Kadett A -- check out the Winter Season highlight story here on



Forza Motorsport 7 Events

A new hopper rotation, new #Forzathon events and a new Series in Leagues. Here’s what’s happening this week in Forza 7.


In Hoppers, the new rotation brings a sense of history to the racing with some classic racing divisions:


Division – Ghost – Sport Luxury

Division – Cosmetic – Formula 70s

Division – Simulation – Historic Road Racing

Tag – Virus – A Class

Tag – Keep the It – S Class

Tag – Pass the It – B Class


Forza weekly photo contest winner by RlGOS.


Forza weekly photo contest winner by LoCAST



In Leagues we’re about to begin Series 2 of our “Keeping Pace” season. Here’s what’s going live this weekend:


EVENT 01 – Ghost – Formula 90s

EVENT 02 – Simulation – Forza Touring Cars

EVENT 03 – Spec Cosmetic – 1984 Peugeot 205 T16

EVENT 04 – Cosmetic – R Class, Ferrari


Here’s the latest crop of #Forzathon events:



[UPDATE 2/1/19 2:20 p.m. – We have removed the “February Carpass” #Forzathon event from the current list of active #Forzathon events. This is due to a mistaken requirement that players use Formula Drift cars for one part of the event. Formula D cars are not part of the Forza Motorsport 7 Car Pass. We regret the error.]


Sonoma Track Guide

If you’re a Forza Racing Championship fan or a longtime Forza community member, chances are you’ve heard of the names Zermatt and Daveyskills. These community legends have been around since the earliest days of Forza, dominating leaderboards the whole while, and both made impressions in last year’s ForzaRC campaign. Now they’re teaming up in a different way.


A recently released video on Zermatt’s “Zimdog Tuning” YouTube channel features a track breakdown by Daveyskills of one of his favorite Forza 7 tracks – Sonoma Raceway Full. In the video, Davey offers insight into how to tackle this challenging Northern California circuit, full of elevation changes and tricky corners. He actually laps twice – once with traction control (TCS) off and another with TCS on – showing the advantage that TCS can offer in this car (the 1997 Lotus GT1) on this particular track. Throughout, Davey stresses the importance of carrying speed through turns – coasting through corners, as he puts it – which can be quicker than simply trying to get on the gas earlier.



Check out the video for yourself and see if it helps you pick up a few tenths (or more) then next time you’re hot-lapping at Sonoma.


Final FH3 #Forzathon Events

Next week we’re introducing the final set of #Forzathon events into Forza Horizon 3. These events will go live on February 8 and, unlike previous #Forzathon events which rewarded cars, credits or XP in Forza Horizon 3, this final batch of events will award achievements, each worth 125 Gamerscore points. Each #Forzathon event/achievement (and subsequent Gamerscore reward) can only be earned once.


Here’s the list of events:


Name Challenge Reward
#Forzathon Cleaning Up The Festival Complete 1000 Races or Snowman Skills 125 GS
#Forzathon See You Horizon Boss Complete 1500 Races or Kangaroo Skills 125 GS
#Forzathon The Final Tour Complete 2000 Races or "Hot Wheels" Skills 125 GS
#Forzathon And Thanks For All The Drifts Complete 2500 Races or Ultimate Skills 125 GS


Forza Monthly | February

We’re getting geared up for the next episode of Forza Monthly, airing on Monday, February 4 at 11 a.m. Pacific. On the show we’ll be joined by a special guest from Playground Games, who will be showcasing some of the new cool stuff coming in Forza Horizon 4’s next major update. We’ll be diving deep into the February update for Forza Motorsport 7, which includes force feedback updates, multiplayer loading improvements, and some new stuff that we can’t wait for you all to see. We’ll also be showing of the winner’s of our Barrett-Jackson Car Pack photo contest and more. Join us for the show live at 11 a.m. Pacific on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube!



In addition to the Forza Monthly fun, here’s a look at the rest of the streaming week on Forza channels. As you can see, Monday will be a busy day of shows, with both pre- and post-game shows surrounding Forza Monthly. Enjoy the lineup and we’ll see you next week!