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Forza Motorsport Week in Review 11-25-16

Brian Ekberg
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Welcome again to another edition of the Week in Review. Most of the Turn 10 is on a short week due to the Thanksgiving holiday so, while today’s WIR might be a bit shorter than usual, we’ve still got plenty of interesting stuff, including a look back at Week 2 of the Forza Racing Championship Elite Series, a look ahead at Week 3, and the line-up of Forzathon events coming to Forza Horizon 3 in December. Let’s go!


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest entry by Nights Viper


Forza Racing Championship

Week 2 shook things up in the Forza Racing Championship Elite Series. Sunday’s Showdown race saw some never-before-seen tracks used in the ForzaRC competition, including Laguna Seca and Brands Hatch. Laguna especially put on a fantastic show, with drivers being forced to deal with Laguna’s eccentric combination of narrow width, extreme elevation changes, and world-famous turns. From the Andretti Hairpin to The Corkscrew, Laguna proved to be a fan favorite, and the backdrop for some amazing racing.


In addition to new qualifiers in Week 2, we also had some penalties handed out for overly aggressive driving; check the ESL site for the complete list of penalties and warnings from Week 2. If you want to read the full recap of the Week 2 Elite Series Showdown, head over to this week’s edition of Rear View Mirror, where John provided some comprehensive coverage if you don’t have time to watch the entire thing below. Congrats to the top four finishers for Week 2, who now move on to the Grand Finals, which will be held on December 11 on the Forza Motorsport Beam and Twitch channels.



This week we wrap things up for qualifying in the Elite Series. With the Rivals qualifier out of the way and this weekend’s racers set to compete in the Elite and Consolation Cups, we’ve got one more Elite Series Showdown race to go. Tune in on Beam and/or Twitch to find out who will make the final four spots in the Grand Finals. The action kicks off on Sunday at 11 a.m. Pacific, so don’t miss it!


December #Forzathon

December will be here before you know it and, with it, a new batch of #Forzathon events coming to Forza Horizon 3. Take a look for what’s in store once, and what you have a chance at winning:




Lock Horns with some of the world’s finest supercars


· Chargin’ Forward – Complete 3 Drag Races in a Lamborghini to receive 150,000 CR

· Bull’s Eye – Get 3 stars on 10 Speed Traps or Speed Zones in a Lamborghini to earn 70,000 XP

· Stampede – Win 30 Head-to-Head Races in a Lamborghini to unlock the Arooga 1 Horn

· El Toro Especial – 30% off all Lamborghinis


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest entry by RIRUNDSQ


Celebrate over 70 years on the prancing horse


· Back any Horse – Complete an Online Race in a Ferrari to receive 100,000 CR

· Horsing around – Create and complete a Bucket List Blueprint Challenge with a Ferrari to earn 10,000 XP

· Show Jumps – Jump 50 Danger Signs in a Ferrari to win the Ferrari 250LM

· A Horse with One Name – 30% Off all Ferraris



Horizon is giving you another chance to win the Nissan Silvia K’s ‘94


· Lone Drifter – Get 3 Stars on any Drift Zone to receive 10,000 CR

· Skills to Pay the Bills – Perform a Ultimate Skill Chain to receive 10,000 CR

· A Winner Never Quits – Finish in the top 3 in an Online Race to receive 10,000 CR

· Original Drift King – Complete ANY S14th Redux challenge to win the Nissan Silvia K’s ‘94



Get down and dirty with Horizon


· Rusty Bucket – Complete a Bucket List Challenge that ends in the Outback to earn 10,000 XP

· Landboat – Win 5 races in the Alumi Craft Class 1 Race Car to win the Terradyne Gurkha LAPV

· Do as the ‘Roos – Perform 100 Kangaroo Skills to win 3 Wheelspins

· Trail Sales – 30% off Offroad and Rally Monster cars



Jolly Times Ahead!


· O Tannenbaum – Earn 3 Stars on a PR Stunt at the Timber Mill to receive 120,000 CR

· Reindeer Games – Play 10 Playground Games to win the Ford GT Horizon Edition

· Bah Humbug – Perform 50 Skill Chains in a Mercedes-Benz to win 3 wheelspins

· ‘Twas the Night Before – Complete ANY event or race to win the Bentley #7 GT3


Forza Horizon 3 community photo contest entry by Sp4nk88


DJS Gymkhana Five

Don Joewon Song is back with another edition of his Forza stunting video series. I’ll keep the intro on this short and sweet because, as is usually the case with DJS, the video does all the talking. Check out GYMKHANA FIVE:



Thanks for reading this edition of the Week in Review. As a reminder, we won’t have an edition of #ForzaFriday today, as everyone will be away enjoying time with friends and family. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving where you live, we hope you enjoy your holiday. For everyone else, we’ll see you next week for another busy week in the world of Forza!


Photo credit to MFU82  for the photo used in the Week in Review thumbnail and on the Forza Hub app for Xbox One.