ForzaRC 2019 Invitational Season Announcement

Jacob Norwood
Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The Forza Racing Championship (ForzaRC) is coming back for a brand-new season of racing action. The official announcement came on our August 27 Forza Monthly livestream. Featuring the best racers and teams in the world at the highest level of competition, the 2019 ForzaRC season kicks off in September with new formats, new rules, and a total prize pool of $250,000.



Let’s break down all the details.


1. The ForzaRC Invitational Series 2019

This season of racing is a closed invitational and unlike any ForzaRC that came before it. All invited teams competing in this series were selected by the ForzaRC team with specific criteria in mind including pro status, skill level and organization. With new competitive formats and a teams-based focused, the best drivers in the world will be challenged in unprecedented ways.


2. Team Racing is the future of ForzaRC.

We’re making ForzaRC history by introducing team racing - it’s not just about being the best driver on the track anymore. Team racing brings a whole new layer of strategy and cooperation, to the on-track mix. with each team consisting of three drivers and a coach, all working together to come out on top. When 13 of the most competitive teams in the world compete against each other. the results promise to be explosive.


3. New Systems and Formats

ForzaRC race directors and the adjudication team have put in the work to make this season the most streamlined racing experience yet. A redesigned adjudication system and the introduction of Forza Race Regulations keep the racing action front-and-center.


4. ForzaRC returns September 21

All the action kicks off on September 21 with seven weeks of online racing, followed by the LAN finals, where the top 8 teams will head to sunny Burbank, California for two days of live head-to-head competition, all streamed live on Mixer and Twitch. Look for more details on the live LAN finals coming soon.


Here’s the full schedule of broadcast competitions:


· Online Round 1: September 21

· Online Round 2: September 28

· Online Round 3: October 5

· Online Round 4: October 12

· Online Round 5: October 19

· Online Round 6: October 26

· Online Round 7: November 2

· Live LAN Finals: November 23rd-24th



Official team rosters will be locked and announced soon, and you can tune in to the live action on September 21 at and


The future of the Forza Racing Championship is here. Buckle up and tune in for the best racing in esports, all season long.