Community Update on Enforcement Policies

Mike Brown
Monday, August 17, 2020

In light of the recent concerns about banning that have been voiced by members of the Forza Horizon community, we’d like to take this opportunity to share our perspective.  We take feedback seriously and encourage respectful conversations; we view ‘community’ as a two-way street and in listening to some of your frustrations, we feel it’s worth clarifying our stance on the matters at hand.


All UGC, including (but not limited to) livery designs, are subject to the Forza Enforcement guidelines, which can be viewed here:



    While it’s not possible to explicitly describe every possible violation, the list here provides clear guidance and specific examples that align with the game’s E for Everyone rating.  Violations of these rules are reviewed & actioned appropriately by members of our Support team.


    Per the Xbox Community Code of Conduct and our Forza Enforcement guidelines, using an exploit to obtain an advantage is not allowed. This applies to glitches and credit hacking, the latter of which is the only instance in which you can receive an auto-ban. Non UGC in-game issues are addressed via our support ticketing system and we do our best to address those based upon the tickets submitted, so please continue submitting tickets for issues you may encounter.


    We understand that you may want to bring issues to our attention in the official Discord, which we welcome, but we cannot discuss bans in the official Discord. Those in the channel who are discussing bans will receive a warning from the moderators reminding them of the rules. But in the event of repeated violations a Discord ban will be issued by the Discord moderators. The rules for our official Discord can be found in the #rules-and-guidelines channel.


    If you’ve been issued a ban that you disagree with, you can submit a ticket through our support site and our team will respond.



    Related to this, we also wanted to directly address a video posted by AR12Gaming, where several related points were made. We really appreciate this conversation with our community, and wanted to speak very transparently about it.


    1. Designs and Paints: As mentioned above, a clear list of our enforcement policies have been posted for everyone to see. Enforcement of these policies is consistently applied. It was stated that Shinyodd was banned due to a new logo being added to our prohibited list. This was not the case. Shinyodd was banned for applying a pornographic livery.

    3. Leaderboards: Moderation of leaderboards is handled via our ticketing system. All reported instances of illegitimate leaderboard entries are investigated. After a thorough review, if the entry is deemed illegitimate then it is deleted. Another point raised here was related to Scaans being temporarily banned for utilizing a known exploit in the game. We agree that this ban was egregious, and are seeking to clarify our policies. However, it is highly unusual that a player would get banned for exploiting a bug in the game.

    5. Automated Bans: Automated bans only happen for extreme cases of hacking credits. This has been reviewed thoroughly, and we do not have any cases of false positives. All other cases are manually reviewed by an enforcement team.


    We always strive to improve and continually evaluate the guidelines that are currently in place within the game itself as well as our social spaces to ensure that we are fostering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming community.  It’s important to note that we have no desire to ban our players & fans.  As we hope you can understand, it’s challenging to balance an ecosystem enjoyed by such a massive number of passionate & diverse people, and while we recognize there is some work to be done to improve our processes & transparency, please know that we have the best interests of the entire community at heart. 


    If you have additional feedback related to our guidelines, we encourage you to respectfully share your thoughts in the forums. Thank you for being a Forza fan – we value your input and dedication to the game.



    --Mike Brown

    Forza Horizon 4 Creative Director, Playground Games