FH4 Season Update | Series 6 - Spring

John Schommer
Thursday, March 7, 2019

Spring time is a renewal of all things beautiful, shedding the winter snow to reveal the beauty of the world. Don’t worry though, you can still slip and slide your way to victory as the new season hits this week in Forza Horizon 4. Let’s break it down for you.


Spring | Mainland

Sling your way into Spring in these awesome events to collect the latest prizes.


Seasonal : Playground Games

Get to Mortimer Gardens in the miniscule BMW Isetta and make a big showing to win the Legendary 2014 Volkswagen GRC Beetle.


Seasonal: Street Scene Championship

If you want Ken Block’s helmet, you better bring your favorite Hoonigan ride and win this championship to earn this special reward. Pro tip: Make sure you have long enough gears, this is a fast route.


Seasonal: Spring Community Championship

The 1994 Honda Prelude Si is making its return to the Horizon series but you will have to win this championship featuring routes by Jack Broseff and romeoteknik to add it to your garage. 



Spring | Fortune Island

It might be Spring but the extreme weather of Fortune Island is still here to both hinder your efforts and get your rig plenty dirty.


Horizon Seasonal: Fortune’s Wheel

Go road racing in your favorite S1-Class Super GT car and capture the win to increase your influence.


Horizon Seasonal:Mud & Thunder

Get ready to get dirty while having a blast on these muddy routes in your best A-Class Sport Utility Hero.


Horizon Seasonal:Grass Roots Rally

They may not be as fast as the Group B cars, but these C-Class Classic Rally racers are fun to drive while reminiscing about the days of rally past.



Spring | #Forzathon

They don’t call them Super Saloons for nothing. Don your cape and conquer these challenges for your weekly #Forzathon points reward.


Aw Yiss – Own and drive any Super Saloon.

Luxury Performance- Make use of the incredible speed potential your car has and collect 5 Triple Pass Skills.

Pleased as Punch- These cars are big, luxurious, and safe so, don’t feel bad as you bang doors to gather 12 Sideswipe Skills.

Nailed It- It’s time to catch some big air. Launch your ride at the Swan Dive Danger Sign and get three stars to complete the challenge.



Spring #Forzathon Shop

Perhaps a little retail therapy is in order? Head to the #Forzathon Shop for these exclusive weekly offerings.


How about a side of Maserati with your pasta tonight? The amazing 2004 MC12 Forza Edition is ready and waiting for you to dig in to. If you are looking for something more compact and nimble, the 2017 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Fiesta ST may be right up your alley.


Whether you feel like writing parking tickets or keeping the streets safe for the average citizen, both of the Legendary Patrol Hats are available this week.



April showers bring May flowers, and maybe a few more goodies if you earn them. Enjoy the respite from the cold and have fun racing. See you next week!