Forza Horizon 4 | Series 25 Update

Jacob Norwood
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

You don't often see Austrailian cars on British roads, so we decided to have a bit of fun bringing Australian cars featured in Forza Horizon 3 to the Forza Horizon 4 festival.


That’s why this month we’re paying homage to Forza Horizon 3’s Australia with a handful of tribute Showcase Remixes and three signature Holdens. Get all the details below!


First off, get the rundown on this month’s Torben Tuesday riddles, first featured on the Forza Horizon Twitter:


  • Holden VL Commodore Group A SV '88 - "High rank at sea, holds a group for jungle kings" (Commodore naval rank, Group A, king of the jungle refers to the Holden lion badge)
  • HSV GTSR '96 - "85 in 96? Hella yellah" (only 85 of these were made and it's a '96. "Yellah" is the official paint name for this car)
  • 2011 HSV GTS – “A racing lion with snarling nostrils” (Lion for Holden again, snarling nostrils refers to the air intakes)


Now let’s go deep on this month’s cars:


1996 Holden HSV GTSR




Identifiable by its signature paint color, “Yellah”, aka the most Australian name ever, only 85 of these cars were ever built. That’s especially interesting given the homologation standard for race cars no longer held true when the HSV GTSR was released in 1996. Presumably, Holden wanted to build a limited production run of this car for the public to enjoy, and most of those models stayed in Australia. However, a handful made it to New Zealand and one even landed in the UK!


The good news for owners of one of those 85 cars is that the production model was effectively identical to the track version, with a rare, early showing for carbon fiber in the body, and an Aussie-built V8 engine.


Complete 50% of the Spring Playlist to unlock an iconic Australian race car.


1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV


Holden Commodore


The “Plastic Pig”, the ”Batmobile”, the “Walky”, however you know it, the Commodore is a distinctive and iconic Group A machine. The first car produced by Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), the Commodore did fall under homologation requirements for Group A, which meant that a total of 500 models were built (eventually expanded by 250 due to its popularity).


It was built to go up against the Mercedes AMGs and BMW M3s of the world, and made a name for itself with more than a few wins, sporting the Walkinshaw-designed body kit that gave rise to most of its nicknames.


Complete the Seasonal Championship “Holden Your Horses” to receive this car.


2011 HSV GTS




The previous two cars on this list were built to race spec and designed with the express purpose of being the fastest thing on the track--and yet, the GTS has them beat as a production car!


The E Series sports a 6.2L V8 Engine that outputs 436 horsepower. Outside of Australia, you might know it better as the Vauxhall VXR8, which is how it was released in the UK.


Complete the Seasonal Championship “Down Under” to receive this car.


Welcome Pack



If you're reading this there's a good chance that the new Welcome Pack is not for you. It features a handful of cars meant specifically for newcomers to Forza Horizon 4 to get them started in the game.


So, if you have a best friend, roommate, partner, family member, coworker, or know a stranger who is looking to experience Forza Horizon 4, now is their chance.


The Welcome Pack costs $2.99 USD, and features:

  • The Ferrari F50 GT
  • The Jeep CJ5 Renegade
  • The Ford Gymkhana 9 Focus RS RX
  • The Ford GT
  • The Toyota Baja Truck
  • The Subaru #199 WRX STI VT15R
  • The Porsche 718 RS 60
  • The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
  • The Sunflower Meadows House


New Showcase Remixes


Quaint Village Rush – A Lamborghini Centenario up against a Delta Wing? That sounds a little familiar if you’ve spent any time playing Forza Horizon 3. Experience this throwback Showcase Remix in the summer season.


Freight Expectations Round 2 – The train engineer from Forza Horizon 3 is looking for a rematch. Race the Flying Scotsman with the Chevy Camaro in the autumn season.


For the full rundown on bug fixes, new features, and other info, check out the release notes for Series 25.