Forza Horizon 4 | Series 24 Update

Jacob Norwood
Thursday, July 2, 2020

Welcome to Series 24! Some pretty spectacular new reward cars are coming this month, plus an exciting new feature! Get all the details right here.


Below you’ll find this month’s Torben Tuesday clues and their meanings. How many of these did you guess correctly?


1. Zenvo TSR-S 2019 - Can you wing it in Zealand? No not that one.

(Zenvo's HQ is in the Danish island of Zealand)


2. Ford #5 Escort Mk2 1977 - Groups of 5 must be escorted when listening to Talking Heads

(Talking head's debut album was "77" and released in 1977 for the car's year)


3. Ford GT70 1970 - Only 6 of Ercole's best?!

(Ercole Spada was the designer of this car and only 6 were made)


4. Mazda RX7 1985 - 53S2701923809342

(Mazda’s Hiroshima HQ is located at these UTM coordinates)


2019 Zenvo TSR-S

Zenvo TSR-S


The Zenvo TSR-S is a superlative hypercar in every sense. 1177 horsepower out of a twin-supercharged V8, Zenvo claims 0-124mph in 6.8 secs. The TSR-S’s power is matched by its handling, which is aided by a unique hydraulic rear wing that doesn’t do what wings are supposed to do. In fact, at a 2019 test at Spa, the car was black flagged because track officials thought it was malfunctioning! The wing tilts left and right to better distribute pressure and increase downforce on curves. It’s counterintuitive and a little hard to explain, so we’ll let Zenvo founder Troels Vollertsen spell it out:


“I’d been thinking that maybe we could alter the downforce so we could put more pressure back across to the unloaded inside wheel while cornering, so you not only get downforce, but also create an effect like an anti-roll bar.” (via Top Gear)


The second S denotes a street-legal cross between Zenvo’s track-only TSR, which had a fixed wing, and the TS1 GT road car.


Zenvo is only building five of these cars every year, but you can get it by completing the first Photo Challenge.


1970 Ford GT70


You know the story of the GT40, the Le Mans winner and recent movie star, but have you heard of the prototype GT70? Maybe not if you’re from outside the UK.


The idea was for Ford of Europe to replicate the success the GT40 program had on the track, but on the rally stage, following a string of wins for the Escort throughout the 1960s. The problem, and why the car might be so little-known, was that to qualify for rally competition according to FIA regulations, a car had to have a minimum production run of 500 homologated cars. The GT70 had six. It fell victim to circumstance; the WRC rules changed, production costs climbed, and the Escort continued to improve performance, making the GT70 an expensive “what if?”


The GT70 never saw any real rally competition, but you can change that by completing the Seasonal Championship “Up Your Street”.


1977 Ford #5 Escort RS1800 Mk II

Ford Escort RS1800


The #5 Ford Escort is perhaps the most iconic rally car of all time; built to Group 4 spec, it won the first WRC world championship for drivers in 1979, while being driven by Swedish rally driver Björn Waldegård, aka Walle, sporting the iconic British Airways livery.


Between 1977 and 1979, driving the #5 Escort, Waldegård would win WRC races in Kenya, Wales, Sweden, Greece, and Canada; some of the most punishing rally races in the world.


To this day, Waldegård still holds the record for the oldest driver to win a World Rally Championship event, and holds 16 total WRC wins to his name.


Add to the #5 Escort’s victories by completing 50% of the Winter Playlist.


1985 Mazda RX-7


Mazda RX-7


Mazda and the rotary engine – a synonymous pairing best represented by the Mazda RX-7; the loud, high-revving rotary, paired with the lightweight, perfectly balanced, incredibly aerodynamic body. The already powerful Mazda twin-rotor 100 hp engine saw a further evolution with the 1985 redesign that brought the RX-7 more in line with the likes of Porsche. It also bumped the power of that rotary design up to 146 hp and added a turbocharger.


Complete the Midnight Mazdaness Seasonal Championship to grab this rotary icon.


Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge


This month, we’re introducing the Photo Challenge, a chance to take in all of the sights of Forza Horizon’s Britain and share your best shots with the world. Take the challenge and find the best shot in Photo Mode, with one challenge each season listed below. Be sure to use the included hashtag on Twitter and Instagram to get noticed!



Take a photo of your Car in front of the Horizon Festival Stage



Take a photo of any Hoonigan Car at the Express North Rail Yard



Take a photo of any Lamborghini with the Lighthouse north of Bamburgh



Take a photo of any Extreme Offroad Car at the Mudkickers Adventure Park


For the full rundown on bug fixes, showcase remixes and other details, check out the full release notes.