Forza Horizon 4 | Series 23 Update

Jacob Norwood
Thursday, June 18, 2020



We know we are late to the festival this month, however, the new cars have finally arrived! Check out all the details for Series 23 below. 


1973 Toyota Corolla SR5

In 1970, Toyota’s second generation of Corollas arrived and by 1973 that included the SR5 coupe model, which was only made in ’73 and ‘74. Sold in Japan as the Corolla Levin, the SR5 was intended to expand Toyota’s reach into new markets, which explains its unusual-at-the-time design: metal fender flares, unique front struts and springs, and a thicker front sway bar. It sported a 1.6L four-cylinder engine with five-speed transmission. 


Complete the Seasonal Championship “The Corolla Express” to unlock. 


1974 Toyota Celica GT

The Celica GT was a JDM legend that did much to pioneer the international market for Japanese imports. It was a direct descendant and much more accessible version of the 2000GT and at the time was comparable to the Mustang, which had been reduced in size significantly in recent years. That being said, the Celica only weighed about 2,200lbs, while the Mustang quickly moved on to bigger and heavier engines. The Celica housed a 2.0L four-cylinder that put out 90 hp (versus the Mustang’s 105 hp). 


Complete 50% of the Spring Playlist to unlock.


1989 Toyota MR2 SC

Dubbed a “budget exotic car”, the Mister Two was Toyota’s mid-engine entry in the late 80’s. It featured the familiar 4A-GE engine found in the AE86; a 16-valve, twin-cam 1.6-liter inline-four and in 1989, a supercharger that bumped it up to 145 hp and shaved a second off of it’s 0-60 time. That supercharger required certain aspects of the MR2, such as the springs and wheels, to be reinforced, plus the addition of raised vents on the engine cover. 


Complete 50% of the Winter Playlist to unlock.


1995 Toyota MR2 GT

In 1991, the MR2 received a full redesign that made it sportier and more Ferrari-like in appearance. By ‘95, due to rising prices and insurance premiums, it was ending its production run, making this model especially prized by collectors. The GT featured a 2.0 L 200 hp five-speed engine mounted behind the seats that put it on equal footing with cars like the Ferrari 348. The MR2 name would make its return when Toyota attached it to the Spyder convertible. 


Complete the Seasonal Championship “Track Toyotas” to unlock.



Check out our release notes for the full info on this month’s new features, showcase remixes, and bug fixes: 


New Achievements

This update includes seven new Achievements worth 200GS as a part of Microsoft’s giving campaign.

  • In the month of June, players will get the chance to Play, Earn and Donate with Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, and Forza Street.


  • Beginning June 1st, visit the Xbox One Rewards app to activate your Forza bonus punch card. Then, jump into Forza Horizon 4, Forza Motorsport 7, and Forza Street to score bonus Microsoft reward points when you unlock up to three achievements.


  • Once you’ve unlocked three achievements, return to the Rewards punch card, and donate those points to your choice of several charities. Microsoft will match donations all month long.* (US ONLY)


  • Visit for more details.


Here’s a list of the new achievements available now: 


Stay Safe 

Get 6 Ultimate Clean Racing Skills in any A Class Car


Stay Home

Purchase the Sunflower Meadows Player House


First Promo-tion

Take your first picture for Horizon Promo


Picture Perfect

Take photos of 200 different cars for Horizon Promo.


Backbone of Britain

Pass the M68 Speed Trap at 190MPH in the 2011 Ford Transit SSV


Tunnel Vision

Perform 100 Near Miss Skills in any S2 Car


Bouncin’ Buggies

Perform 50 Air Skills in any Offroad Buggy