Forza Horizon 4 | Series 31 Update

Jacob Norwood
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A couple of highly requested cars make their way to the Festival to kick off 2021, setting the tone for an exciting year in Forza. Get the details now!


2020 Corvette C8


Corvette Stingray


How significant is it that the latest in the hallowed Corvette legacy is a mid-engine? Well it’s a fulfilment of a dream that’s been around since the 1960’s, but more so, it’s a huge evolution for one of the greatest American sports cars.


Mid-engine means less wheel spin, more control on curves, and more speed. It’s just science, and that science means this Corvette goes from 0-60 a full second faster than its predecessor, the C7. The Z51 performance package is available in-game, which means an upgrade in performance with spoiler and bumper mods.


The C8 was a gamechanger when it released IRL, and now it’s literally changing the game in Forza Horizon 4.

The C8 is available by completing the Find New Roads Seasonal Championship.


1990 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z


Camaro IROC Z


Another highly requested car, the IROC-Z has been a mainstay of the Forza franchise for many years, so it feels pretty great to welcome this American classic to Britain.


The official car of the International Race of Champions, the rebranded Z28 Camaro boasts a 5.7L V8 that puts out around 225 hp, and 330 lbs of torque, all wrapped in an American-built front engine RWD package. By the time the 3rd generation Camaro rolled out, in 1987, its origins as a Mustang-killer were long behind it (that is, until 2010), but the 1990 model featured in-game was the last one to feature the IROC-Z branding.


Hop into this Camaro and check out some of the exciting body modifications available in-game.


Unlock the IROC-Z by completing 50% of the Winter Playlist.


1970 Honda S800


Honda S800


The grandfather of the iconic S2000, and one of the earliest cars from Honda as they transitioned from motorbikes to car manufacturing, the S800 featured a 800cc in-line four motorbike engine that kicked out a whopping 70hp at 8500 RPM. Its iconic Honda styling, tiny frame and options for engine swaps make it a great option to cruise, rally or just take some really great photos.


Our friends over at Hoonigan documented an S800 build from actor Daniel Wu last year, which you can check out here.


Complete “That 70’s Championship” Series to unlock the S800.


For more info on bug fixes and other updates, check out the full release notes now.