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FYI About DLC -- September Pennzoil Car Pack

John Schommer
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If you have already got yourself the September Pennzoil Car Pack then you already know about the iconic classics and rarities that are included in the pack. Don’t forget the new 2013 Viper GTS-R’s as well.


With such a deep well of automotive history in this pack to pull from, there is so much more to know and appreciate about the cars of this pack. So, as always, FYI About DLC is here to get you started on some of the rare facts and intricate details of these cars.


Once you have gotten a taste of the history we reveal here, dig further and share your discoveries in the September FYI About DLC thread.


There’s no better place to start than possibly the most valuable car in the world…


1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR 

The record set by Sir Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson at the 1955 Mille Miglia still has not been beaten. Moss and Jenkinson spent days preceding the race familiarizing themselves with the route. Jenkinson built the first roll chart, something Moss referred to as the “toilet paper roll,” a simple box with two rollers and the route notes attached together in one fluid set of directions. This allowed Moss to concentrate solely on driving flat out.


The number 722 signifies their starting time when they left Brescia, Italy, the starting and ending point of the famed race. Here is some classic footage of the car in action at the Mille Miglia.




Here is a brief video that shows how beautiful the actual car is today.


At Le Mans 1955, the car raced, and was poised to take a podium spot, before it was withdrawn in response to the tragedy of the crash. Here is the full story of that race and sad event that changed motorsport forever.


Watch this 1955 Le Mans video to see the 300 SLR’s air-brake in use, an amazing piece of technology.


1967 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia 

This friendly little sports car has found a place in the hearts of many automotive enthusiasts. Its beautiful form was conceived by Italy’s Ghia design house for Karman Coachworks of Germany. Karman was under contract to deliver a sportscar to Volkswagen that would run on the popular VW Beetle chassis.


Here is the classic original advertising that dubbed it “the most economical sportscar, just not the most powerful.”




This one is not entirely true, since the jump seat in the back can easily—not comfortably, mind you—seat two more (smallish) adults.


These cars are light and just beg to be turned into drag cars. They are simply meant to go fast, even though they were not powered to do so from the factory.


Roger Crawford’s VW air-cooled monster. A sweet straight piped “vert.” And, if you want to talk about candidates for low-riding, stanced-out coolness, this work in progress is sick.


1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale  

The resplendency of the 33 Stradale is only matched by the V8 symphony that erupts from its high-revving, Italian virtuoso engine. It is, without question, a thing of beauty, and to experience its virtual presence in Forza Motorsport 4 is as close as any but the most elite will ever encounter.




This sound off battle between the 33 Stradale and the late model 8C Competizione is a must-hear.


1983 GMC Vandura 

The Vandura begs to be drifted. Even more so it begs to be painted and we encourage you all to surf the storefront for GMC Vandura designs. The range of artwork is amazing and this is ”the” van that folks in the seventies painted with murals.


Here is a video that showcases some of the classic designs that inspired and possibly contributed to the conception of, a generation.




This compilation is worth checking out too.


Now if you don’t have the September Pennzoil Car Pack, now it the time to buy it while all these great ideas are fresh in your head. If you already have it share your creations in the Show off Sept DLC thread.