FH5 The Road to Mexico | June Update

Jacob Norwood
Friday, July 9, 2021

Welcome to the road to Mexico! Every month we’ll be covering everything we’ve shared so far on our journey to the launch of Forza Horizon 5 on November 9th.


Let’s start things off big - on June 13th, during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, we unveiled a first look at Forza Horizon 5, our biggest, most diverse Forza Horizon yet.  



We showed off a gorgeous trailer showcasing a breathtaking drive through some of the locations you’ll get to experience, while showcasing the largest and most diverse Horizon ever. We gave a brief of glimpse at some of the hundreds of cars you can expect to drive at launch. and we teased some new game modes and features. 



Immediately following the trailer, some of the team joined Mike Brown, the Creative Director of Forza Horizon, to get a deeper look at the game, showing off the first gameplay for this new world. We saw glimpses of Forza LINK in action, teased the Event Lab, and got a taste of the Horizon Arcade. 


We know there are a lot of questions you have, and will continue to have, and we’ll answer what we can as we are ready between now and November 9. We’re also excited to showcase more and more of the game as it comes together. In the meantime, check out our FAQ page on our Forza Support site for some of the top-level details, and make sure you’re following us on Twitch and Youtube where you can catch our regular Forza Horizon 5: Let’s ¡Go! Streams. Here we’ll continue to zoom in on different aspects of the game in order to give you a peak behind the curtain at what it took to bring this incredible world together.



In our first episode, we talked about “Why Mexico.” Mike Brown and Associate Art Director Conar Cross dug into the work being done to authentically represent this beautiful country in a way that celebrates its culture, heritage and unique geography, and showcases Guanajuato and the surrounding landscape. We also answered some of your questions, which we’ve shared here:


Can we have convertibles in FH5?


Yes! For convertibles, you’ll be able to manually control the roof using the left stick click on the Xbox controller.


Will FH5 feature a big city?


It will feature arguably one of the most beautiful cities ever built, Guanajuato! This city features winding streets and an underground aqueduct system that runs throughout the city.


Will FH5 incorporate elements of Mexico’s car culture?


It will, but we’re not ready to talk about how, just yet. It’s something we take great pride in, and as soon as we’re able to share more about the car list, we’ll be able to talk more about how we’re celebrating the car culture of Mexico.


Is there a drag race?


Several! Including one on an old airstrip at the main Festival location.


How does the weather change?


Weather changes return to FH5 but with a twist. This time, they’re local, affecting sections of the map with sandstorms, blizzards, and tropical storms while leave other portions totally dry, depending on the season.


Will there be any animals?


Yes! Expect to see flamingoes, wild dogs, donkeys, goats and more.


Will there be long highways?


Not only is the Mexico map the largest in Forza history, it features corner-to-corner highways for maximum cruising.


What is new in customization?


Over 100 new rims, 100 new visual upgrade parts, thousands of new performance upgrade parts, plus the ability to paint brake calipers! That’s in addition to greatly expanded options for customizing your driver character, including new hair, new clothes, selectable pronouns, and even the option to add prosthetic limbs.



In our second episode, we focused on Mexico’s dynamic skies and weather as Lead Lighting Artist Lukas Koelz, Art Director Don Arceta, and Senior Lighting Artist Adan Currey discussed the tremendous amount of work that’s going into the sky in Forza Horizon 5, and what makes it so special. Plus, more questions!


What about new engine sounds?


We’ll be covering this in Episode 3 of Let’s ¡Go! Tune in!


Will there be sheep?


Bighorn sheep confirmed!


Are there different skies for different weather patterns?


We captured the skies for each unique season and the weather that appears in each one. The lighting for each weather is condition is so drastically different that we wanted to represent each.


Is there a new logo for the Horizon festival?


There is!


Are Barn Finds returning?


They’re back and more detailed and location-specific than ever before.


Are there any good mountain roads?


Oh yes, make sure to check out the volcano as soon as you can.


Do the storms move to different parts of the map?


Storms can be found in different locations across the map, and are localized but do swell and grow over time.


That’s just our first couple of weeks; we have four months left until we arrive in Mexico, and so much more to share! To make sure you get all the latest info about Forza Horizon 5, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. You can also come hang out in the Official Forza Discord community – chat about the latest updates with other players, share your creations, find people to convoy up with, and more! 


We’ll see you on the road!