Circuit of the Americas

As you navigate the 3.4 miles and 20 turns of Herman Tilke’s masterpiece, don’t be surprised if you get swept up in the epic scope of motorsport history. The layout of Circuit of the Americas utilizes the lay of the land to create sweeping views for spectators and corners that are designed to encourage different lines and dramatic racing. It’s no coincidence that, as you put in laps, you will also notice similarities to Silverstone’s Maggotts-Becketts-Chapel sequence or Hockenheim’s arena bends. Direct replicas of these famous turns were deliberately recreated, as well as “Diabolica” – the four-apex turn eight of Istanbul Park – another Tilke creation. After the start, climbing the hill to the crest where the apex of Turn One lies, you will have to trust your instincts and fight the urge to lift. The speed you will carry down the descent will make or break your lap. There are many places where a single mistake will multiply into additional critical seconds to your lap times. However, the absolute beauty of the circuit will make you happy to put in lap after lap until you have mastered every foot.

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