Brands Hatch

Originally a dirt track in 1926, the historic Brands Hatch is one of the few British circuits to stage Grand Prix, IndyCar, and NASCAR races. Nearly every famous race driver from the last 50 years has raced the unique combination of dips, cambers, fearsome corners, and hills. Turn 1, Paddock Hill Bend, is a fine example; a tricky right-hander running downhill that can quickly go from bad to worse for the inattentive driver. The entire IndyCar circuit, measuring 1.1 miles long, can be viewed by spectators thanks to the natural amphitheater of the grounds. Only a select group of events are scheduled yearly due to sound restrictions since neighboring residents are in close proximity to the 2.3-mile Grand Prix layout. In its infancy, Brands Hatch was just a gathering place for motorcyclists who had permission from the farm owner to practice and sometimes race in the grassy hollow. It wasn’t until after World War II that cars began racing there. None other than a young Stirling Moss was among the first to race half-liter Formula III cars in a demonstration race before the 7,000 fans who gathered. Since then it has flourished and has even been referred to as “the best circuit in the world” by many drivers.

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