Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Since 1922 Autodromo Nazionale Monza has been pushing drivers and race cars to the brink. Now in its eighth rendition (the track has seen numerous safety-minded design changes over the years), it is still one of the fastest and most dangerous circuits in the world. The high speed oval has been decaying for decades, deemed too reckless for even the most skilled of racers, but it still stands as a monument to motorsport’s past. Monza’s 3.6 miles of mostly right-handers and long, fast straights, traverses minimal elevation and are usually run with low downforce to maximize top speeds. The counter effect is low grip and understeer. As you approach the first turn, look out for the raised curbs, they should discourage any cutting. If you make it out cleanly, traction will be at a premium to get a good lap in. Take the straightest line possible through the chicanes to maintain momentum and prepare for the Curve di Lesmo, a mistake here could put you in the gravel or create a passing opportunity. Variante Ascari is deceptive and tricky, the perfect exit is key to getting set up for one of the most difficult and legendary turns in racing: Curva Parbolica. Monza is a circuit that will test your mettle and reward you with the thrill of speed.

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