When you have a passion for automobiles, an eye for design, want to have the fastest car on the planet, and the funds to see your dreams through, starting a one-of-a-kind car company makes perfect sense. At least it did for Lee Noble, who established Noble Motorsports LTD back in 1983. Noble began building and selling the Ultima, available as a kit car or turnkey model. Originally, the similarities to the Porsche 956 racecar were so notable they were featured in Sports Car Monthly. Soon after, Ted Marlow became the first to own an Ultima – an Mk 2 with a Ford 3.1 liter engine. The Ultima's history of dominating races was underway, and eventually – similar to the Lotus 7 – it would be banned from racing, due to having what was deemed an unfair advantage. In 1992, Marlow would go on to buy out Noble and rename the business Ultima Sports LTD. Under Marlow, the Ultima Mk 3 body would become the staple form that exists today, with the recommended powertrain of a Chevy 350 connected to a Porsche transmission. At the time, the Ultima was already leading the way in power-to-weight ratio; so much so, that McLaren bought two Ultima Mk 3s which, in turn, played heavily into the design of the fabled McLaren F1. Ultima GTRs have gone on to set world records in nearly every category of speed capabilities. If you are looking for a supercar at a fraction of a cost of something from Italy, the Ultima is your ultimate weapon.

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