Ford Motor Company was incorporated in 1903 and rapidly grew into a major force in the fledgling automobile industry. The Ford Model T, introduced in 1908, revolutionized the mass-production of affordable automobiles. Key to its huge production was Ford's pioneering use of the moving assembly line. In 19 years, Ford manufactured more than 15 million Model Ts. By 1927, the Model T was losing sales to more modern cars from other companies, so Ford replaced it with the more competitive Model A, producing four million Model As in just four years. In 1932, Ford became the first auto manufacturer to offer an affordable V8-powered car. In the meantime, Ford entered the luxury market by purchasing the Lincoln Motor Company in 1922, and started the mid-priced Mercury brand in 1939. Ford added the sporty Thunderbird to its lineup in 1955, and 1964 saw the introduction of the best-selling Mustang. Ford also introduced the exotic GT-40 in 1964, and the GT-40 would go on to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans four straight times from 1966 through 1969. In 2004, directly inspired by the GT-40 race car, Ford began producing a modern version of the Ford GT. At the other end of the spectrum, Ford entered the sport compact market with the affordable, high-performance SVT Focus in 2002. Ford introduced its first gas-electric hybrid in 2005 with the Escape Hybrid SUV.

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