Mugello Autodromo Internazionale

With the green, lush Tuscan hills north of Florence as the backdrop, Mugello is one of Italy’s most beautiful tracks. Like many other closed courses around the world, Mugello was constructed because racing on public roads in the region, held on and off since 1914, had become too dangerous to continue. In 1974, Mugello opened to become a safe and modern course for local events. After being purchased by Ferrari (which owns the course to this day), it was further revised and remodeled to become an even more modern (and safer) course for year-round use. Mugello is characterized by an exceptionally long straight and many high-speed S-bends, such as the Casanova-Savelli downhill sequence and the quick Biondetti kinks near the final straight. Perhaps the most famous sections of the course are the Arrabiatta uphill right-handers, ferocious corners whose name in Italian means “angry.” Mugello is host to a number of races and series, notably the Mugello Grand Prix, F5000, F3000, and FIA GT racing, as well as several motorbikes series. However, the most important use of Mugello for owner Ferrari is for extensive testing of their newest production and competition cars, particularly their F1 cars.

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