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In 1985, former hedge fund manager Warren Mosler founded Mosler Automotive, an American supercar manufacturer. In 2001, the company introduced the Mosler MT900 and the MT900R, a race-prepared version of the MT900. The MT900 was conceived to be the top performance sports car manufactured to be US road-legal. It is also the first US road legal vehicle that uses advanced composites for the primary structure. The MT900 set a new 0-100-0 mph record with a time of 10.98; the McLaren F1 LM held the previous record time of 11.15 seconds. Since 1985, Mosler has produced vehicles with such a performance difference from their competitors that the Mosler cars have often been banned from competition. This list includes the IMSA Supercar series, the Grand Am series, the 24 hours of Nelson Ledges, the 'One Lap of America,' and most recently, FIA GT3, where homologation in their European Series has so far been denied.

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