Forza Horizon 4 | Series 30 Update

Jacob Norwood
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

They are calling it a huge and very welcome update. We just dropped an all-new, game-changing mode, Hoonigan is here, and six new reward cars have arrived. Get all the details you need for Series 30 right here.


Horizon Super7


Super7 GameMode


Do you have what it takes to beat the Horizon Super7? This brand-new game mode deals out a hand of seven random Challenge Cards – race, drift, skill and more. Beat all seven in a row and get an exclusive reward!


The best part? Challenge Cards are created entirely by the community, featuring custom events built with some very cool tools. Thanks to Blueprint Builder, you will find props and scenery that can be added to ratchet up the difficulty. Keep an eye out for jumps, walls and uh… dinosaur teeth.


Each challenge is based around the car, tune and livery used when building the route, which means everyone else will be driving the car you used when creating the challenge. Once it’s built, it will enter the Super7 deck where it can be added to any hand of any player in the Super7. You can also share your individual challenge card via Share Code, in the Creative Hub, or on the map.


By competing and completing hands in the Super7, you have the chance to unlock some exclusive cars as well. Check them out!


Austin Seven


Austin Seven


Considered one of the most important autos in British motoring history, the Seven did for commercial driving in Britain what the Ford Model T did in the US, bringing it in line with safety and regulation standards of the day, and making driving accessible and affordable for a much greater portion of the population.


It rocks a massive 10 horsepower engine that will not go 0-60, ever. It’s also the new record-holder for oldest car in Forza Horizon 4.


Unlock Tier 5 in the Horizon Super7 by reaching 42,000 influence to unlock the Austin Seven.

Triumph TR7 Roadster


Triumph TR7


You can’t miss a TR7 when it’s headed down the road. The wedge shape of the body has become nothing short of iconic for UK motorsport enthusiasts, and the legacy of the Triumph TR line as racing cars only adds to regard in which this car is held as a classic. The Roadster represents the highest-end version of that machine – featuring an open top and better engine.

Reach Tier 7 in the Horizon Super7 to unlock the Triumph TR7 Roadster.


Hoonigan Takeover


It’s not just the Bronco. Hoonigan is making this month their own. In addition to the seasonal championship “Ken Block and Roll”, you’ll also see Hoonigan items in the Forzathon shop, Hoonigan cars in the Festival playlist, and Hoonigan-themed Photo Challenges.


If you haven’t gotten enough Hoonigan yet, be sure to check out Hoonicorn Vs. The World, a Forza-inspired drag challenge that pits the Hoonicorn against comers of all shapes and sizes.


Koenigsegg Jesko


Koenigsegg Jesko


Before you ask, it’s pronounced “YES-koh”.


One of the most requested cars has made its way to the Festival and it defies expectations. This surprisingly road-legal car kicks out 1600hp when fueled with E85, utilizing the latest version of Koenigsegg’s twin-turbo 5L V8 and a nine-speed gearbox that somehow has seven clutches.


It was unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show as the successor to the Agera RS named for the founder of the company’s father, Jesko von Koenigsegg. The version unveiled in Geneva features a large active rear wing and air intakes, designed to emphasize downforce to keep the car under control at ridiculously high speeds. The Jesko is a huge milestone for a company that already puts out some truly incredible hypercars – this car is intended to break the 300mph barrier, and pave the way for more accessible Koenigsegg hypercars in the future.


Complete the “Let it Snow” Seasonal Championship to get your hands on THE Koenigsegg Jesko.


Hoonigan Bronco


Ford Bronco


This is the Bronco that Ken Block, owner of Hoonigan Industries, rebuilt for his wife Lucy as a daily driver (and then promptly broke). As he tells it, she wanted something a little more basic, to which Ken replied “we aren’t a basic family.”


Where a 1974 Bronco would normally come with a 390 Big Block that produced around 190 horsepower, the Hoonigan version sports a 5L Coyote Engine that kicks out 420hp, plus rebuilt suspension, gear shifters, racing wheel and seats. It’s all very Hoonigan and all about being fun to drive on- or off-road.


Get Lucy Block’s Bronco by completing the Seasonal Championship “Ken Block and Roll” in Autumn.


Fiat X1/9


Fiat X1-9


If you’re looking for a balanced, practical Italian mid-engine car from the early 1970’s, you can’t go wrong with the X1/9. It boasts a 60 horsepower 1.3L engine, and can get you from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time, which is all you can ask from a car at the end of the day, really.


Complete the Seasonal Championship “Abarth on the Heart” In the Summer to get your hands on this radical racer.


Alfa Romeo 155 Q4


Alfa Romeo 155 Q4


The 155 Q4 consistently surprises. Its unassuming exterior belies a turbocharged 2L four-wheel drive engine that produces 200 horsepower and resulted in a win in the Italian Touring Car Championship the year this model became available.


The exterior doesn’t have to be unassuming either, with a variety of body kits and exterior customization options available to ensure this looks the part of a true racing machine.


Grab a racing classic for 50% of the Spring playlist.


For more information on new modes and features, plus bug fixes, check out the latest release notes.