Forza Horizon 4 | Series 16 Update

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Series 16 update for Forza Horizon 4 arrives on November 20th and stars the latest supercar from Ferrari. The 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista is Ferrari’s latest low-production, high-performance masterpiece in the real world and it’s coming to the world of Horizon 4 with the latest update. In addition, Playground Games is introducing a new Showcase Remix, Auction House Improvements, and more.


2019 Ferrari 488 Pista

A Forza first! The latest track specialist supercar from Ferrari. With each new model of their mid-engine supercars, Ferrari has brought a low-production, even higher-performance model to the proverbial table. They came with names like Challenge Stradale, Scuderia, Speciale, and now, the Pista (that’s Italian for “track”). As with previous track specialists, they have wrung out additional horsepower, and lost weight. The Pista lost 40 pounds alone just in engine weight, while gaining 49 horsepower. Throughout you will find improvements to airflow and downforce. It’s the ultimate 488, and it’s raised the bar of what to expect from Ferrari… again.




1970 Ferrari 512 S

When the 512 S hit the track in 1970, it scooped up the first win of the season at Sebring. From there on, despite the thunderous torque of its 5-liter V12 and its sumptuous lines, it was relegated to finishing positions behind the Porsche 917. Rule changes and reducing engine capacity to three liters gave birth to the 312PB and a return to racing glory for the Scuderia. Given its elegant beauty and limited production, the 512 will live forever in the memories of the Tifosi. One drive will show you why.



2018 ATS GT

In 1961, eight technicians and engineers were fired by Enzo Ferrari. They went on to build their own race team and production cars under the name Automobili Turismo e Sport. While the Formula 1 team failed, they did develop one of the first mid-engine road cars. There were 12 and they were called the 2500 GT. The new ATS GT was designed to re-envision that original groundbreaking design. At the heart of the new ATS GT is a McLaren 650S. What sets it apart is the unique styling details such as the opaque engine cover and a token shape in the rear pillar that presents the aerodynamic profile of the original 2500 GT.



1999 Lamborghini Diablo GTR

A rare Lamborghini with all the racing goodies is ready to add to your Forza garage. Constructed to race in Lamborghini’s Diablo Supertrofeo one-make series, the GTR starts with a standard 6-liter GT car. The modifications mainly center around chassis, suspension, and better cooling and braking systems, but the engine does get a revised exhaust system that boosts output to 590 horsepower. Despite the intimidating nature of the GTR, it’s easy to control at the limit and very, very fast. Don’t expect to see one at your local track day, however, as only 40 models were built.



Now,  here’s a look at changes to look forward to with the Series 16 update for the game:


Subtitle Improvements

To improve the experience for our players who use subtitles, the following changes have been made to the subtitling system:

Subtitle Location – We have now moved our subtitles to the bottom center of the screen, away from their original location on the left-hand side.

Subtitle Font Size – Players can now adjust the font size of all subtitles from within the Video Settings menu

Subtitle Background Opacity – Players can now adjust the transparency of the subtitle background from within the Video Settings menu

Subtitle Option Preview – Players can now see an example of their subtitle settings by pressing the Options button from within the Video Settings menu


New Showcase Remix – Morning Rush

Crowded, noisy stations. Cold winds and bad coffee. Grumpy commuters packed into a standing-room-only metal tube for HOURS on end. With all of this, why would you take the train anywhere? Instead, give Isha’s Taxis a call. We’ll come right to your door, and we’ll get you where you need to go faster than any train. Don’t believe us? We’ll prove it!


Showcase Remix Redux – Motorcross Purposes

The age-old question: dirtbike or buggy? OK, maybe that’s not quite an age-old question, but it’s still a fun one to answer. Show those two-wheelers how to do things the Horizon way in this returning Showcase Remix.


Auction House Improvements

Added the ability to quickly select Manufacturers in the Auction House Search interface.


Restricted Cars in Multiplayer

With this update, some cars will no longer be permitted in competitive multiplayer modes like Rivals and Online Adventure. These restrictions are being applied to ensure that all multiplayer modes have a wide selection of competitive vehicles. For now, only two vehicles will be affected by this change: the 2011 Hot Wheels Bone Shaker and the 2018 Top Gear Track-Tor.


For more on the fixes coming to the Series 16, update, please see the Series 16 Release Notes on the Forza Support site.