Forza Horizon 4 | Series 32 Update

Jacob Norwood
Monday, February 8, 2021

This month at the Festival, we’re celebrating an American automotive icon! Read on for the full rundown of Series 32.




Mustang GT500


In 1965, Carroll Shelby put the Le Mans GT40 engine inside of a Mustang to create the Cobra GT350, in order to compete at the track. Fast forward to today, and we’re still feeling Shelby’s influence on the Mustang with the GT500.


It has 760hp stock via a supercharged aluminum block 5.2L V8, making it the most powerful stock Ford in history. It sports a dual clutch that shifts faster than any manual. And it’s balanced to take corners unlike any Mustang before it.


The result of all of this is unmatched speed and unmistakable Mustang style and power.


Continue the Shelby legacy with the GT500, available by completing the “Flex Your Muscle” seasonal championship.


Shelby 1000


Shelby 1000


The GT500 might be the most powerful Ford when stock, but the Shelby 1000 is anything but stock. The 1000 takes a base GT500 and makes improvements to the handling, horsepower and braking, making it a track machine capable of 1000 horsepower thanks to a complete refit of the 5.4L V8, an overhaul of the exhaust and supercharger, and what has been described as some “Shelby magic” that puts the 1000 over 200 mph at top speed.


The 1000 got a limited run, and each model was numbered. A completed model comes out to around $200,000, and includes a widebody kit, new racing suspension, added cooling to make up for those 1000 horses, and refitted chassis connectors, to keep the whole thing in one piece.


Get your hands on the Shelby 1000 by completing the Seasonal Championship “Shelby Coming Round the Mountain.”


Hot Wheels Legends Car Pack


Hot Wheels Cars


Joining our typical seasonal update is a very special car pack from our friends at Hot Wheels™. Check out the Hot Wheels™ Legends pack, available forfor purchase now in the Microsoft Store. It features six custom-built cars from the international Hot Wheels™ Legends Tour, where these cars competed for the chance to become iconic 1:64 scale Hot Wheels™ die-cast toys. The cars included in this pack are:


· 1949 Ford F-5 Dually Custom Hot Rod,

· 1969 International-Harvester Loadstar CO-1600

· 1972 Chevrolet LUV

· 1957 Studebaker Golden Hawk 'Dream Roadster'

· 2 Jet Z™ – winner of the 2018 Hot Wheels™ Legends Tour

· 1957 Nash Metropolitan Custom (THE NASH™) – winner of the 2019 Hot Wheels™ Legends Tour


Players can purchase the Hot Wheels pack for the following prices:


· USD: $9.99

· GBP: £7.99

· EUR: €9.99


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