The Volvo logo features a circle with an arrow pointing upwards and to the right, which doubles as an ancient symbol for Iron – an element that symbolizes strength, quality, safety and durability – hallmarks of any Volvo car. The easily-pronounced brand name “Volvo” means “I roll” in Latin and was originally registered as the trademark for the company in 1911. At the time it was trademarked, Volvo’s primary product was ball bearings. By 1924, the two founders Assar Gabrielsson, a sales manager, and Gustav Larson, an engineer, decided they wanted to produce a car that was more suitable to handle the rigors of the weather-beaten Swedish roads. That first car, the Volvo ÖV 4, affectionately referred to as “Jakob,” rolled out of the factory in 1927. While the practical styling of many of its models has been primarily appealing to those seeking reliability and safety, Volvo cars have been at the forefront of many racing disciplines and deliver a ride any car enthusiast will savor.

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