Steve Saleen founded Saleen Autosport in 1983, one year before his company produced the first of more than 8,000 Mustang-based performance cars with enhanced aerodynamics, power, and handling. This manufacturer of limited edition, high-performance vehicles has produced a range of cars, from the Mustang-based S281 and the S331 Sport Truck to the S7 supercar, which they unveiled in 2000. Saleen also produces performance parts, including wheels, exhaust systems, and brakes. In 1995, Saleen joined with actor Tim Allen to form the very successful Saleen/Allen 'RRR' Speedlab racing team. The S7, Saleen's first completely original design, is a true exotic, attaching carbon-fiber bodywork to a hybrid chassis that combines aluminum honeycomb panels with a steel space frame. Powered by a 7-liter V8, S7s started with normal aspiration and 550 horsepower. In 2005 Saleen added twin turbochargers for a top speed of around 250 mph. In 2008, Saleen introduced the H302 V3 and the S302 Extreme, which boasts 620 horsepower. Saleen has established such a significant relationship with Ford Motor Company that Ford contracted with Saleen in 2003 to perform assembly and paint work on its own supercar, the Ford GT.

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