More than 1,900 Radical cars have been sold around the world. This includes the diminutive SR1, to the totally radical SR8 RX, and now the new closed-cockpit RXC. When you choose a Radical, your intents are clear: you want the best two-seat track toy on the market. Founders Mick Hyde and Phil Abbott wanted to build something different than just another sports car. Originally, they took superbike technology and mated it with a bespoke powertrain to create some of the fastest track day cars in the world. As later models were developed, engine setups grew to full-size V8s, but the attention to magnificent grip and unbelievable braking were never sacrificed for outright speed. Every model is track-proven, and can even be purchased with a full calendar of racing events with or without a professional racing instructor. Proving that Radical delivers nothing less than the best two-seat production car performance, an SR8 RX set the fastest lap time at the gloried Nürburgring Nordschleife in 2009. In all, Radical produces street-legal track cars that can compete with LMP and GP3 cars, but on a fraction of the budget.

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