Pontiac has always held a place in the hearts of American-made car fans. Even though most Pontiac cars were rebranded GM products, their appeal garnered strong sales. Going back to Pontiac’s origins as Pontiac Spring and Wagon Works, the company’s first cars were water-cooled high wheelers with approximately 12 horsepower and chain-drive. Pontiac merged with Oakland Motor Company in 1908 and in 1909 GM bought the company. Following a Native American theme, Pontiac was a popular marque whose cars were known for being quiet and dependable. Entering the 1960s and 1970s, Pontiac delivered enthusiast style through aggressive and stylish front and rear ends as well as interiors and engines that it retained design authority over. Such innovations as the Rocket V-8, Ram-Air engines, and some of the first integrated bumpers were signature Pontiac. The Pontiac Firebird, GTO, and the two-seat novelty Fiero contributed to Pontiac being known as the performance division of GM.

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