When Cecil Kimber began offering sports car bodies on a Morris chassis, they became known as “Chummies.” Kimber honored his boss William Morris of Morris Garages by naming his company MG. By the time he introduced the octagonal logo that is now known worldwide and respected by millions of MG fans, Kimber’s cars were fully bespoke vehicles. Upscale appeal drew royalty such as the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales to own MGs. It wasn’t long after that MG began making their mark in racing as the first non-Italian brand to win the Mille Miglia. MGs went on to race in many arenas of competition, including land speed records where none other than Stirling Moss piloted the “Roaring Raindrop” to a speed of 246 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. When the brand was bought by Rover, MGs became little more than rebadged Rover’s. But one little MG Metro was engineered to be one of the most spectacular Group B rally cars – the 6R4. The brand has since been owned by BMW, BMC and now by the Chinese Nanjing Automobile Group. Despite its chaotic ownership history, racing remains a calling MG is ready to answer, having won the British Touring Car Championship multiple times in recent years.

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