The original High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV or Humvee) was designed and built by AM General Corporation in 1983 for the U.S. military. The vehicle came to the general public’s attention in 1990 during the Gulf War, where they performed under extremely hostile desert conditions. But Humvees weren’t limited to hot, dry climates. Privately owned vehicles have been fitted with caterpillar tracks and other modifications to turn them into 'Snowvees' for service in arctic and Antarctic climes. AM General soon made plans to sell a civilian version of the M998 Humvee, the Hummer. To make them more appealing to non-military drivers, the company added sound systems, gloss paint, air conditioning, sound insulation, better upholstery, and convenience packages. In 1998, General Motors bought the brand and took over marketing and distribution while AMG continued production. GM renamed the Hummer the H1 and added the H2 and H3 to the roster. The H1 was discontinued in 2006, but in the same year, GM began exporting the Hummer to 33 countries and opened assembly plants in South Africa and Russia for international markets. Unfortunately for the brand, gas prices and ecological concerns eventually associated this brand with ostentation, which led to reduced sales. By April 2010, GM had made plans to discontinue production. After multiple bids to sell the brand to other companies fell through, the last Hummer H3 rolled off the line in May 2010.

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