With the possible exception of Lotus, nowhere is the spirit of legendary car designer Colin Chapman more alive than at Caterham. The legacy of the Chapman’s Lotus Seven, initially produced in 1957, is alive and well in the cars of Caterham. While every year Caterham innovates on the original Lotus designs, the cars produced today — more than 50 years later — have changed little overall. Caterham was a major dealer for the Lotus 7 in the 1960s and, in 1973, founder Graham Nearn purchased the rights to the Seven. Through the company’s participation in Formula One racing, the Caterham Group has translated lessons from the highest level of racing into their production car The Caterham variants may all be street legal, but their home is of course on the track. In fact, Caterhams are often required to race in their own league having been banned from racing for being too fast. Undoubtedly, that’s something Colin Chapman would have been proud of.

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