Although they were commonly referred to as Brabham race cars, the company and Formula One team’s formal name was Motor Racing Developments L.T.D. After Jack Brabham won his second consecutive Formula One championship driving Mini Coventry-Climax cars in 1960, Brabham and designer Ron Tauranac formed Motor Racing Development L.T.D. and went on to become the largest manufacturer of open-wheel race cars to customer teams. In the team’s 30 year Formula One history it would win four driver championships and two constructor championships. Other teams driving Brabham race cars would win numerous championships in Formula Two and Formula Three. The Brabham name is synonymous with innovation, and Brabham helped usher in the transition from front-engined race cars to rear-engined models a change that revolutionized racing. Jack Brabham also holds the unique honor of being the only man to ever win a Formula One championship driving a car carrying his own name.

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