Whether you need a BAC (Briggs Automotive Company) Mono in your garage is certainly not the question. The Mono is a specialized road-legal sports car developed by brothers Neil and Ian Briggs. It (and its single center driver’s seat) has become the talk of the town since its creation. When the Stig drove a Mono on Top Gear, the car made its mark as one of the fastest to ever round the test track at Dunsfold. BAC designed the Mono to be one of the ultimate track toys for affluent car enthusiasts. To achieve this goal, the Mono employs a carbon fiber monocoque and draws from performance elements employed in DTM (German Touring Car racing). Each car is built around its prospective owner’s body shape, taking car customization to an entirely new level. The Mono is powered by a Cosworth engine mounted longitudinally to maintain its insanely low center of gravity.

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