Forza Horizon 4 | Series 22 Update

Jacob Norwood
Friday, May 8, 2020

The Series 22 storms in with a host of iconic cars originating from the late 80’s and 90’s rally scene. We’re talking Group A and Group B, turbocharged rally machines. Take a look!


1990 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R

The GTI-R version of the Pulsar was homologated specifically to give Nissan an edge over the dominant rally cars of the Group A era, specifically from Toyota and Ford. Its rally career was relatively short, but it remains dominant against similar cars of the time. It shares its engine with the Nissan Silvia, a 227 hp turbocharged 2.0L inline four engine, which gives it a 0-60 time of about five seconds.


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1999 Ford Racing Puma

Only 500 of a planned 1,000 Racing Pumas were ever built, and only in the UK. The rarity of the Racing Puma, initially introduced as the Puma RS, makes it a valuable find. This was the final Limited Edition of the Puma produced and it features an advanced 4-piston motorsport braking system, a beefed-up body with lightweight aluminum components, and a racing-inspired interior.


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1990 Toyota Celica ST185


The car that kicked off Toyota’s reign in the Group A world, the ST185 would ultimately win 16 World Rallycross series. This was the first Celica to come out after the split from Supra, which resulted in a more purely rally car versus the sportier Supra. The Celica hits the sweet spot between the straight lines and hard edges of 80’s era cars and the curvier 90’s style.


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1994 Toyota Celica ST205

The 205 was an evolution of the previous car on this list, moving its style fully into the 1990’s and embracing the modern aerodynamic curves of the era. This car is famous for many things, not the least of which was the iconic Castrol livery it sported in competition and for being the cover car for SEGA Rally Championship 1995.


The most powerful version of the Celica at the time, the homologated special that was necessary for WRC contention sported a 2.0L turbocharged inline-4 engine producing 252 horsepower with all wheel drive and “Super-Strut Suspension.”


Complete Seasonal Championship “What’s the Word on the Street”


1991 Peugeot 205 Rallye

A result of Peugeot’s desire to homologate the 205 to compete in rally, the 205 Rallye sports a 100hp engine that is compensated in power by an incredibly lightweight body, especially in the cheaper performance version. The interior was stripped of anything that wasn’t strapped down, and even some things that were, in order to maximize performance.


Complete Seasonal Championship “Stardew Rallye”


1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESi-R

There’s some speculation around the origins of the name Starion. Is it a reference to the constellation Orion? Is it a swipe at the Ford Mustang (Starion = Stallion)? Hard to say!


The Starion was an association project with Chrysler, who put out the similarly built Conquest in North America. The ESi-R version first built in 1986, which featured a widebody kit, was intended for rally competition, specifically the short-lived Group B.


Complete Seasonal Championship “Mud is Thicker Than Water”


New Features


For the full list of updated features and bug fixes, see our support site.


Horizon Promo Quickshot

Photo Mode now has a new ‘Promo Quickshot’ button, which allows you to add cars to your promo collection much faster. Press RB to quickly add new cars to your promo collection, without having to wait for the photo processing time. Note - this option is not available when using Effects Mode within Photo Mode. 


Showcase Remix – Pillar of Autumn

A new remix of our Halo Showcase Experience, this time challenging you to drive the Warthog in an autumnal rainstorm. Have you got what it takes to outrun the Covenant once more, Chief? As per usual, you must have completed the regular showcase before the remixed version is unlocked.


Showcase Remix – Taxi for Takeoff

Isha’s Taxis takes on the Delta-Wing in this Series’ Showcase Remix. What happens when you put a jet up against a black cab with a Racing V12, and a terrifying power-weight ratio? We’re not entirely certain, but it’s sure to be spectacular!