Forza Week in Review 6-21-19

Brian Ekberg
Friday, June 21, 2019


If you watched the Series 10 update livestream from Playground Games a few weeks ago, you probably caught the Rimac C_TWO, the new all-electric supercar being developed by the Croatian manufacturer. Rimac originally set out to make a name for itself with its battery systems and drivetrains. At last year’s Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled the C_TWO, a 1,900 hp monster that is the latest gem in Rimac’s manufacturing crown.


The C_TWO is coming to Forza Horizon 4, starting next week with the arrival of the Spring season. In the meantime, you can drive the car as part of the Astmoor Heritage Circuit Monthly Rivals event, and check out this teaser for the car in FH4 from Rimac’s YouTube page:



Now that your appetite is properly whetted, let’s get into the Week in Review!


Le Mans Esports 2019 Super Finals

Congratulations to the Veloce Esports team, who stood on the top podium at last weekend’s Le Mans Esports Super Finals. Held on the same weekend as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the LMES Super Finals featured qualified teams from all over the world converging on Le Mans to complete in a grueling endurance test of nine races over a 24-hour period. The Veloce team, comprised of Noah Schmitz (Veloce Virus), James Baldwin, and David Kelly (Daveyskills) managed to get the overall win, despite being in fourth place overall before the winner-take-all final race. With the win, the Veloce team took home the $25,000 top prize.


Baguette Racing, featuring Aurelien Mallet (RBR Laige), Christopher Cabrera, and Alexandre Arnou (ASIX), finished second overall, followed by the Kitty Krew team featuring Evan Thorogood (Raceboy77), Daniel Nyman (LZR ForceOne), and Phelipe Reis (Sauber ZooM).


Congratulations to the podium finishers and to all the competitors for this year’s LMES competition!


Forza weekly photo contest winner by Desperado9009.


Winter in Forza Horizon 4

As mentioned at the top, the Rimac C_TWO concept car is coming to Forza Horizon, but you’ll need to wait until Spring rolls around next week to get it. The car will be rewarded to players who complete 50% of the seasonal events during the Spring season.


Before we get to Spring, however, we’ve got Winter to enjoy in Forza Horizon 4 this week, and there are a handful of special cars available as well, including the new-to-FH4 AMC Rebel, which you can get for beating the White Knuckle Ride racing series. This week, the season completion reward cars are the Hoonigan Ford Fiesta (50% completion) and the 1993 Ford Mustang (80% completion). In addition, players looking for the hard-to-find Lancia Delta or the Audi TT RS, will be rewarded with events offering those very cars.


Forza weekly photo contest winner by RlGOS.


Forza Motorsport 7

Here’s the latest look at what’s happening online this week in Forza Motorsport 7:



Next Rotation (June 21)

Ghost – GT Racing Reborn

Cosmetic – Rally Heroes

Simulation – Supercars Championship



Series 1

EVENT 01 – Ghost – Sport GT Division

EVENT 02 – Simulation – Classic Street Muscle

EVENT 03 – Spec Ghost – 1999 Dodge Viper

EVENT 04 – Cosmetic – Earl Prototype Racers


Specialty Dealer

This Week:

1998 Ferrari #30 MOMO Doran Racing F333 SP

1991 Mazda #18 Mazdaspeed 787B

1989 Mercedes-Benz #63 Sauber-Mercedes C 9

1991 Nissan #23 Nissan R91CP


Next Rotation (July 2)

1965 Ferrari 250LM

1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

1961 Maserati Tipo 61 Birdcage

1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale


Forza weekly photo contest winner by ValTrust.



We’ve got another episode of #ForzaFriday coming up today at 3 p.m. on the official Forza Twitch and Mixer channels. While we won’t have a guest today, you won’t want to miss next week’s (June 28th) edition of the show, where we’ll be welcoming Turn 10 studio director Alan Hartman as our guest. As head of all things Forza, Alan offers a unique perspective to the past, present, and future of the franchise, and I look forward to digging into the conversation next week. Don’t miss it!


Finally, here’s a look at the streaming schedule on the Forza channels next week.