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Forza 4 Launch Party and Kinect Videos

Turn 10 Staff
Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 If you read Forza player Don Ente’s excellent piece on the Forza 4 Launch Party at Petit Le Mans in last Friday’s Week in Review, you probably wish you’d been there. Well, we don’t have a time machine to take you back to the event, but we do have a new video that was shot at the event, so you can see some of the incredibly exciting racing action on track and on screen. Watch attendees and fans play Forza in the tent, and listen to what the fans had to say about the event and the game. It’s an exciting video, so don’t miss it—it’s here below, and also on the Media page.



And for Forza fanatics that don’t have a Kinect yet, we have another video that shows off what you’re missing out on. Kinect integration in Forza 4 really brings the game experience to life, particularly in Autovista mode. Take a quick peek on how Kinect enhances Forza 4, bringing you even closer to the action to explore Autovista’s incredible detail, or to bring the excitement of headtracking to your racing experience. It’s over at the Media page, so hop on over and check it out.