Forza Horizon 4 | Series 11 Update

Brian Ekberg
Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Top Gear is coming to Forza Horizon 4! Long-time Forza fans know that Forza and Top Gear have enjoyed a long partnership over the years, going all the way back to Forza Motorsport 3. However, the famed British TV show has never been a part of the Forza Horizon series… until now. Kicking off with the Series 11 update for the game – available today – players will be able to experience Top Gear with a new Horizon Story series of challenges, in addition to three new Top Gear-inspired vehicles, and more.



Check out the highlights from Series 11, below.


Top Gear Horizon Story

With the Horizon Festival in the U.K., Top Gear presenter Chris Harris and The Stig are there to see what it’s all about. This update adds a new Horizon Story, with seven challenges featuring entirely new gameplay and narrated by Chris Harris. Completing the Top Gear Horizon Special will unlock the “I am The Stig” T-shirt , The Stig Race Suit, as well as three new vehicles, the Top Gear Project E-AT, the Top Gear Track-Tor and the Mercedes Benz G63 6x6 Sports Utility Truck.




Class-Based Rivals

With Series 11, we’ve added class-based Rivals to Forza Horizon 4! Now you can build the perfect hot-lapping machine for each class and each route in the game, along with an associated leaderboard to dominate. These new class-based Rivals events have been added alongside our existing curated events.


Auction House Changes

The maximum possible Auction House prices for many cars will now fluctuate based on sales, up to a maximum of 20 million credits. The system will monitor which cars sell quickly and allow their maximum price to rise over time. The maximum price for cars that do not sell quickly will fall over time, with the goal of reaching a pricing equilibrium. Legendary Painters will not be affected by this system and will be able to set prices as before. The team at Playground Games will monitor the impact of this feature on car prices and continue to respond to it.


Horizon Life Timeline

This is your Horizon Life! We’ve added the ability to deep-dive into your progress through the Horizon Life campaign and see the rewards you’ve yet to unlock. Simply visit the Horizon Life screen and choose any tile to see your progress in that area of the campaign.



More Star Card Rewards

Being a superstar deserves super rewards, so we’ve amped up each of the Star Cards with an extra reward:


· Become a Racing Superstar to earn the PG Race Outfit (Legendary Clothing)

· Become a PR Stunt Superstar to earn the 2012 Hot Wheels Rip Rod (Legendary Car)

· Become a Superstar Explorer to earn the Gold Viking Helmet (Legendary Clothing)

· Become a Superstar Creator to earn the Dark Crown (Legendary Clothing)

· Become a Story Superstar to earn the 2017 Ferrari 812 Superfast (Legendary Car)

· Become an Adventure Superstar to earn the Golden Chicken Suit (Legendary Clothing)


Only the base game content is required to complete the Star Card challenges and earn these rewards.


In addition to the above, Series 11 brings with it some important accessibility improvements and cross-platform fixes; you can see the full list of these in the Release Notes found on the Forza Support site.