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Forza Motorsport: Week in Review 7/6/12

Brian Ekberg
Friday, July 6, 2012

This week, Americans across the country celebrated Independence Day while the rest of the world celebrated “Wednesday”. Losing a full day of work to pesky annoyances like “relaxation” and “spending time with family” and “playing games” can be troubling, if only because it takes a full day away from digging up cool stuff for the Forza community to enjoy in the Week in Review. Nonetheless, here we are with another WIR installment, taking a look back at the week that was in the Forza universe.


Commence the fireworks!



That’s the city of San Diego’s fireworks display from this past Wednesday. What was supposed to be a seventeen minute display turned into a 30-second dash as all the city’s fireworks went off at once. There’s a Forza metaphor here, if you’ll indulge me. We’ve all had our perfect first laps—those incredible sprints off the starting line where every corner is rated at “four stars” and you pass your opponents like they are stalled. It’s easy to fall into the trap of that incredible first lap—to lose your concentration or try and rest on the laurels of your early success. Anyone who’s played Forza online will tell you that races aren’t won in the first corner; races aren’t won on the first lap either. Unless they are one-lap races, of course. But you knew that already. Let’s move on…


Anyway, the point here is that a great race in Forza should play out like a great fireworks display: a strong start, equal measures of inspiration and innovation to stave off boredom and respond to challenges in the middle, and a huge finish for the checkered flag. You don’t want to end up like the racing equivalent of San Diego, after all. 


(That said, while San Diego’s Epic Fail has made it a laughing stock in the eyes of many, I thought the accident made for an utterly unique display; I think it’s perhaps the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. If I was mayor of San Diego, I’d demand that this become the new San Diego Fourth of July tradition.)



Community photo contest winner from turbo280 


Show Off Your DLC 

Earlier this week, John posted a story highlighting the arrival of the July Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 4. In the story, John challenged the Forza Faithful to show their July DLC love in a dedicated thread. I’m proud to say that you guys came up huge with awesome photographs of your favorite rides, some amazing videos, and, best of all, some great stories on your favorite cars. Check the thread for a look at all the awesome pictures and video links and here’s a few examples of my favorite: 

Mr. Pink 99: “The Hudson Hornet is just a cool car. With all the chrome and nice long clean 50's lines, its really a piece of American history. Alot of the younger generation love it for other reasons and that's cool too. But to me as a car fan getting to play with a car like this in FM4, a car that I have never and probably will never see in real life is really awesome, I am looking forward to upgrading this bad boy and having a lot of fun with it. Maybe ill take it to the drag strip, maybe ill run some circuit races with it, maybe ill even try to drift it. Whatever I decide to do I know its gonna be fun.”


Hotrod Joseph: “The car I love in the July pack is the Gremlin. My dad has owned his Gremlin since 1978 and it was the first car I learned to drive standard in. Iv had so many memories in that car, driving down the street stalling about every 10 feet. The car has past its day now and resides in the scrapyard, but driving it in forza really brings back the memories. I still remember my dad waving everyone past as I held up traffic. I sure hope I didn't make anyone late for work that day. lol Thanks Turn 10 for putting it in the game!”


JMez2253: “I've been Forza faithful for years. I love how Turn 10 has progressed from Forza 1 to present. I have downloaded every car pack for all of the Forza series, and each car pack is always exciting. I, being a Mercedes fan, already had my obvious favorite, the 2012 SLK55 AMG. BUT, this month's car pack changed my mind a bit. That Ascari. Besides looking at its beauty, that car performs like a beast on the track. Super acceleration, Super maneuverability, and best of all, its Super handling. Usually, in S-class events, I would use my trusty SLS or SLR. But, I took the Ascari around a few times in career mode, and was in shock by how it outperforms my two babies. I believe this car pack has changed my mind about how I look at my faithful Mercedes ;P.”



Community photo contest second place from Turkeyboy696X 


Thanks to everyone who has posted in the thread so far—we love seeing your creations and reading your stories. John is still awarding unicorn cars for his favorite posts (he's about 20 pages in now)—so if you haven’t posted your experience with the July Pack, get in there now and show off you’re your best stuff!


Community Bounty 

Looks like Turn 10’s own MightyMrDigital won’t be wearing that James Harden beard after all. In one of the most strenuously contested community bounty events yet,  MightyMrDigital ended up victorious against the Forza community, meaning the avowed Seattle Sonics fan didn’t have to don the beard of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s prodigiously bearded sixth man. Too bad for us, and too bad for the legions of Photoshop pics that probably would have followed. That said, the community is taking defeat in stride—check the thread to see some awesome pictures of community member Sadioki  in Times Square wearing an OKC jersey and a huge Harden-esque beard. 


Coming off such a hugely successful Community Bounty, we thought, “How can we top this?” The answer: Put each of our heads on the chopping block. So, for the next Community Bounty, you guys will be able to choose one of the Forza community team--Yours Truly (Mechberg T10), Fred (phredesign), or Javier (Ayo Jube)--as the next Community Bounty! Only one Forza community team member will be chosen via this Facebook poll and, as has become a Bounty tradition, there will be some form of public shaming tied to each if they happen to be beaten by the community, the details of which will be withheld in order to not influence the vote. The poll will be up for a week and we will reveal the “winner” and the event/car/winning conditions in next Friday’s edition of the Week in Review. Happy voting!


The Twilight Tw_13768712 

Community photo contest third place from The Twilight Tw 


Facebook VIP Poll for August 

The Facebook VIP Rivals Mode event polls have returned! This week, drag racing is the name of the game for August, this month’s VIP poll revolves around which decade is the best for drag cars? Get your vote in on our official Facebook poll and check back next week for a new VIP Rivals Mode poll!


Made for Mech 

This week we brought back our weekly tuning challenge, known amongst those in the know as “Made for Mech.” This week the goal was to create a tune for my 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 to run on Road America as part of the “911 Experience” in the Time Trials channel of Rivals Mode. Once again, you guys came out in force and I got a ton of great tunes for my ride. I ended up with a respectable 2:22.824 as my best time thanks to a tune by HTGuy. Thanks to everyone who took the time to create a tune for me and here’s a list of tuners whose work earned them a unicorn car:




hippo condria 





This week, we’re putting the 1973 Gremlin X through its paces in the “Don’t Be Fuelish” Rivals Mode event in the Community Monthly channel. The Gremlin is available in the July Car Pack so tune it up and upload your work to the Forza 4 storefront with the descriptor “MECHBERG AMC”. I’ll try out as many tunes as I can next week and award unicorn cars to creators whose tunes I love or that move me up the leaderboard.

Unicorn Video! 

From time to time, I remind myself that not everyone in the Forza Community knows all of our shared Forza language. For example, not everyone knows what a “hopper” is. Fewer, perhaps, understand exactly what “unicorns” are and, to my knowledge, NOBODY knows why we talk about bacon so much. While I can’t help with the last problem, I think the following video from YouTube user MrLazyTRiP, showing off all the Forza 4 unicorn cars (those incredibly rare cars that are typically only available from the Forza community team) in loving detail. It’s a fun show and likely drool-worthy for you unicorn hunters out there. Check it out:



Did You See the Double Loop? 

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I officially crossed out of the X-Games demographic about ten years ago, but this year’s Games had one stunt, amidst a sea of seemingly suicidal skaterboarders and motorcyclists, that picked me up off  of my easy chair: the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare. Featuring drivers Greg Tracy and TopGear USA’s Tanner Foust, the pair strapped themselves into some customized rides and proceeded to do in real life what most of us have seen done in Hot Wheels commercials: complete a synchronized double loop followed by a chasm jump. See it for yourself:



On the (Forza) Horizon 

Finally, here are a few Forza Horizon links we caught this past week that I wanted to make sure you all saw. First up is an interview with Forza Horizon creative director Ralph Fulton by XboxYGen. The story is in French but the interview is in English. Then there’s this fine video preview of Forza Horizon from our friends at IGN, who have posted a more analytical look at the promise of Forza Horizon, one that delves into the pedigree of the Forza Motorsport series:



Wrapping up, don’t miss the next week as we’ll have news on our pre-order program for Forza Horizon. We’ve got some cool stuff for you guys and we’re handling our pre-orders in a new way, one we hope you all like. I won’t spill the beans but here’s a hint: No more need to send picture of your receipt. Look for more next week and have a great weekend!