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Forza Motorsport: Week in Review 6/8/12

Brian Ekberg
Monday, June 11, 2012

E3 2012 has come and gone and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all the action from the past week. After all, this is the week where we lifted the curtain on Forza Horizon, the next great game in the Forza franchise. All week long, we’ve spent time with international press, retailers, fans, and colleagues from all over the videogame industry and beyond, preaching the Forza Horizon gospel. It’s been a crazy, inspiring few days for those of us lucky enough to have attended E3 2012 in person, and I hope that you Forza Faithful out there have liked what you’ve seen so far.



Judging by the reaction of the press and those who saw first-hand what Forza Horizon is all about, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, as the following handful of quotes from this week’s avalanche of Forza Horizon previews show:


“If the world really does end in 2012, then at least the sublime Forza racing franchise will be able to go out with a smile on its face. After four suit-and-tie--style hardcore simulations, the brand is donning cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, and a baseball cap and hitting the open road with Forza Horizon, a spin-off title that takes the series’ signature car porn to the mountains of Colorado.” – IGN 


“If you’d rather celebrate your car enthusiasm in an unrestricted digital universe with a cadre of dream driving machines, the forthcoming ‘Forza Horizon’ is for you.” – Motor Trend 


“I’ve always thought the best part about driving games is giving the player the chance to do the sort of inane, stupid, and dangerous things they’d never do in a car in reality. Forza Horizon looks like a great place to drive like a dangerous idiot.” – Jalopnik 


“It is unmistakably a Forza game, not least because it looks gorgeous. With Forza's own tried-and-true engine as a graphical foundation, there are shiny cars and pretty lighting to beat the band, and to those Playground adds a dynamic day-night cycle and wide-open vistas. It can have been no mean feat blowing the limited draw distances of the franchise's usual racetracks out to these distant rocky horizons at Forza-grade quality, but Playground has done just that.” – GameSpot 




Oh, it’s Forza Horizon video you want? Well, this week, there’s been no shortage of that either. Both Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt and Playground Games' Ralph Fulton made the rounds all week long, giving interviews and demos of the game, and letting the world hear about what Forza Horizon will bring to the world of racing games when it's released starting October 23. Here’s a selection of some of our favorite video previews and interviews from E3 week.


First up, an in-depth look at the game from InsideSimRacing featuring both Dan and Ralph:




Next up, here's Dan talking Horizon (and taking fan questions in the process) as part of GameSpot's live stage show:




A look at the E3 demo shown as driven in the cockpit view of the 2013 Viper, courtesy of Gametrailers:




If all this isn't enough, we’ve got a great thread going in the forums, tracking all the Forza Horizon news that hit the Web over the past week. So, if you’re looking for hidden nuggets of Horizon info, or just looking to get caught up, this thread is a great place to start.


And finally, it wouldn’t be a Forza appearance at E3 without some award nominations. As you can see in the image above, we’re honored to have earned “Best in Show” and “Best Racing Game” nominations from prestigious press outlets like IGN, Destructoid,, and more. We’re absolutely overjoyed to have received a “Best in Show” award from Game Informer as well. This kind of validation is certainly appreciated by all of us on the Forza team, and we’ll be spending the coming weeks and months ahead working diligently to ensure that praise is earned when the game is available on store shelves.


Personally, the big revelation for me was watching people playing Horizon for the first time; some of them fans of the series and, yes, even the occasional skeptic unsure of Horizon’s take on the Forza world. Watching players grip the controller and light out on the open road in the 2013 SRT Viper, only to realize that, this is a Forza game from stem to stern, was immensely satisfying. Time and time again, I heard fans remarking about the physics of Forza Horizon; that the cars "feel like Forza cars". No surprise there—Forza Horizon is using the same physics system you’ve come to know and love in Forza Motorsport 4, while adding in new layers of challenge with features like mixed-surface racing. As I told fans all week long: If you’ve played previous Forza game, you’re going to feel right at home in Forza Horizon.




Beyond the excitement of letting people play Forza Horizon for the first time, we had loads of cool stuff happening at E3 this week. Chief among them was a supercar shuttle service of sorts. E3 attendees could line up for a ride in a variety of tricked out, Horizon-themed supercars, including a Ferrari California, an Audi R8, and more. I was lucky enough to get a ride in a Lamborghini Gallardo on Thursday morning and it proved to be just as awe-inspiringly frightening as my first ride last year. The Forza Horizon booth was full of Forza fans all week long, whether looking to play the demo, or get in line for special Forza Horizon swag.


Oh, ahem, and there were the ladies. We can't forget the ladies:




So, as you can see, it’s been a fantastic week for Forza Horizon; one we won’t soon forget. In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be bringing you more information about Forza Horizon—car announcements, more details on the Horizon Festival and the world of Horizon's Colorado, deeper dives into the features that make Horizon such a ground-breaking entry in the Forza series, and much more. Stay tuned!


Despite all the craziness surrounding Forza Horizon, it’s not the only news in the Forza universe. After all, on Tuesday of this week, we released the Meguiar's Car Pack for Forza Motorsport 4—our latest monthly DLC release, featuring an awesome lineup of cars—from classic models like the 1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe (one of the oldest models ever to appear in the Forza Motorsport series) to the cutting-edge beasts like the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series. Add to that a new batch of monthly community Rivals Mode events, the Community Bounty thread featuring the Forza community team’s very own HTKenan, and Forza 4 continues to roll along.



So it occurs to me: This week marks a turning point for Forza, and it’s evident here in the Week in Review. No longer will we be talking just about one game at a time here on Instead, we’ll be focusing on the Forza universe as a whole; giving you the latest news, updates, community happenings, and more for both Forza Motorsport 4 but also for Forza Horizon. It’s evident here on the site in general too—with dedicated sections for both Forza Motorsport 4 and for Forza Horizon. All that, plus exclusive automotive columns such as "Rear View Mirror" and "Heavy Metal Affliction", both of which will be returning next week. We've got loads of great stuff in store for the Forza community in the weeks ahead and we're glad you're along for the ride as we enter new territory.


As always, to keep up with the very latest Forza news you can follow us on our official Twitter feed and Facebook page, and you can join us on the forums for dedicated discussion to both Forza 4 and Forza Horizon. We’ll be at it full-bore next week, including a look on Monday detailing the cool stuff we have planned for the Forza community next weekend in celebration of the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Until then, enjoy some more photos from E3 2012 below and have a great weekend!