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Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review 6/1/12

Brian Ekberg
Friday, June 1, 2012

In a normal edition of the Week in Review, I’d be telling you about all of the things we’ve been working on during the past week. Problem is, this week has been anything but normal, as we’ve been plugging away on things we can’t quite show you just yet. That’s the bad news. The good news? You won’t have to wait much longer. After all, next week is the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo and you best believe that Forza Horizon will be representing in force.


All this week, the community team has been heads down while preparing updates to everyone’s favorite Forza Motorsport Web site. You’ll see the fruits of our content labor next week, when we officially pull the lid off of Forza Horizon at E3 2012! Stay tuned folks, I promise it will be worth it.


If you read last week’s Week in Review, you know that I was out of the office, visiting our friends at Playground Games. If you don’t know, Playground Games is the talented UK studio developing Forza Horizon and it was great for me personally to get to meet the awesome talent that works at the studio and also get an in-depth look at where Forza Horizon is heading. To say that I’ve been blown away by the care and quality that Playground is pouring into Forza Horizon is the year’s biggest understatement. This is a passionate group of folks who love the Forza franchise and are excited to add their stamp to the series.


Community photo contest winner from red5tar 

So, while today’s WIR will be a bit abbreviated as we continue to crunch towards E3, we’ve got great stuff to catch you up on so… on with the Week in Review!


Meguiar’s Car Pack
Normally, we would have announced our latest car pack on Tuesday of this week. With so much focus on Horizon, however, we had to delay our announcement. Delays aside, here’s a rundown of the cars in the Meguiar’s Car Pack, which will be available on Tuesday, June 5:


2011 Chevrolet #4 Corvette Racing ZR1 Corvette Racing has truly made a name for itself since they began competing in 1999. In addition to more than 80 wins, several manufacturer championships, and “Green Challenge” wins, Corvette Racing and the #4 have won their class at Le Mans multiple times, including the last two out of three years.


1959 BMW 507 – Only 252 of these sleek and sensuous cars were built in an attempt to fill the gap between the Mercedes-Benz 300SL and the much more affordable MG’s and Triumphs of the era. The beatific lines were penned by Count Albrecht Goertz who designed the earlier 503. Though its run was limited, the 507 attracted celebrity owners, including “The King” himself, Elvis Presley.


1940 Ford De Luxe Coupe – It could be said that hot-rodding began with this car when our veterans came home from WWII and wanted something affordable they could work on and build up. The design reflects the Art Deco period, with its bold and sweeping lines and minimal flashy exterior components. 


2011 Aston Martin Cygnet – One of the most prestigious brands in the automotive world has decided to enter the city car market. The Cygnet is a front-engine around town ultra-compact that is capable of up to 106 mph. The 97-horsepower four-cylinder delivers optimum mileage and with the Aston accoutrements provides its passengers distinctive creature comforts.


Community photo contest second place winner from FirebirdPilot 

1958 MG MGA Twin-Cam – Penned by MG Designer Syd Enever, the MGA was “the first of a new line” of MG’s to come out following the TD chassis. The seats are slung lower, due to the floor being attached to the bottom of the frame sections, opposed to the top as they had been previously. Top speed was found to be 113 mph and 0-60 could be accomplished in 13.3 seconds.


1997 Maserati Ghibli Cup – The Ghibli Cup was the highest power-to-weight ratio car of its time, with its 330 horsepower, 2-liter, dual-overhead cam, 24-valve, intercooled, twin-turbo V6 and 3009lb curb weight. This luxury sport coupe delivers exhilarating performance and Italian style in a functional package. 


2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series – If the AMG version isn’t enough to satisfy your need for power and sophistication, the AMG Black Series takes the C63 a step further. This car offers up more than 500 horsepower by borrowing the engine from the SLS AMG supercar. To say the least this car not only looks the role, but has the machinery to back it up. 


1987 RUF CTR Yellowbird – It was deemed the “Yellowbird” by Road & Track editors during a two-day event at VW’s Ehra-Lessien track where the journalists were collecting data for a story called, “The Fastest Car in the World.” The blow-off valve for the twin-turbo (the only twin-turbo 911 in the world at the time) chirps like a canary, further validating the name. 


1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185 – Toyota produced 5,000 GT-Four RC ST185’s to meet homologation requirements for Group A Rally competition. This version, inspired by the “Carols Sainz Edition” racer featured 232 horsepower and distinctive hood and front bumper. 


1963 Volkswagen Beetle – A car with this many nicknames — “Bug”, “The People’s Car”, “The Love Bug”, even “Herbie" — must be a fan favorite. Based on Ferdinand Porsche’s 1931 design, the Beeetle gave the average family a real car for the price of the motorcycle. Millions of Beetles later, this remains an automotive icon and one of the world’s most popular cars. 


Community photo contest winner from MAX350z 

Of course, new DLC cars means new Rivals Mode events to try them out in! Here’s a brief teaser of the new Rivals Mode events that you can expect next week.


ALMS Corvette V2
Take to the track in this updated version of the Spec Hot Lap Rivals event "American Le Mans Corvette" featuring the 2011 Chevrolet #4 Racing ZR1. Each week, 100 randomly chosen players from this leaderboard will receive a 2002 BMW M3-GTR, a “unicorn car” only available from Turn 10. The Meguires Car Pack is required to participate in this event.


The Big Bopper
The 1950s brought the world “crusin'”, but if you want to beat your rival in this event you will have to push these 1950's classics past their cruising speed as you weave through the traffic.


4-cylinder Fahrvergnügen
Throughout the 1990s, Volkswagen used “Fahrvergnügen” as their advertising slogan. Find out which of these 4-cylinder cars lives up to claim of “driving enjoyment”.


Oh, What A Celica
The Toyota Celica has long been one of the Japanese manufacturer’s bestselling automobiles. Take to the track to find out which Celica can be named the best of the breed.


Twin-Turbo Drag
The eternal debate--single turbo or twin turbo—is temporarily put to rest in this Rivals mode event. Tune your favorite twin turbo car up to 500hp and get ready to hit the strip.


June VIP
This Rivals Mode event is open to Forza VIPs only. The car, track, and competition type were chosen by a series of polls conducted on the official Forza Facebook page. Players will be drifting on Maple Valley. Be sure to cast your vote throughout the month of Junefor what will make up next month’s VIP Rivals Mode event.


Audi Endurance Experience
This Audi-themed event is for Forza players in France and will be locked to EMEA players only. For more information, see


BRFB 82_12321593 
Community photo contest honorable mention from BRFB 82 

Community Bounty 

The Community Bounty for next week starting Tuesday at 8 a.m. will be our newest community team member HTKenan. He will be competing in the "Oh, what a Celica" Community Monthly Rivals Event. So look for his thread in the forums on Tuesday and lay down your best time to welcome Kenan to the world of Forza and the Community Bounty. Right now Kenan is sounding pretty confident and you guys may have your hands full. I guess we shall see next week.


Forza 4 Bike Jerseys
Finally, a quick photo to send you all off for the weekend. May 18 was Microsoft’s annual Bike to Work Day. Coincidentally, our resident biking aficinados also received a shipment of Forza Motorsport 4-themed biking jerseys, which are now available for sale at Microsoft’s on-campus store. To celebrate the occasion, we gathered up our two-wheeling fans in front of Turn 10 HQ, asked them to don their Forza 4 finery, and snapped the following picture:



In case you need reminding, be sure you are here on on Monday and all next week as we unveil Forza Horizon to the world!  You can also join us on our official Facebook page and our official Twitter feed to follow all the action. And, of course, you can join in on the Forza Horizon discussion by heading over to our official Forza Horizon forum and let your voice be heard!


Next week promises to be a momentous one for Forza fans, so rest up this weekend and prepare for the flood of E3 awesomeness!