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Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review 5/4/12

Brian Ekberg
Friday, May 11, 2012

 Before we go back and take a look at the week that was in the Forza Universe, I want to point out what’s ahead in the coming days and weeks because, for you Porsche fans out there, it’s about to get real. As most of you know, Porsche will be coming to Forza Motorsport 4 in just a few short weeks via the upcoming Porsche Expansion Pack. While we’ve already announced two cars in the pack—the Boxster S and the Sport Classic—there are still 28 cars that are still yet to be unveiled. On Monday, that will change in a big way.


On Monday, May 7, we’ll begin announcing cars from the Porsche Expansion Pack for Forza Motorsport 4 on a daily basis. We’ll typically be announcing two cars per day (including Saturday and Sunday) via the official Forza Motorsport Twitter feed. If you aren’t already a follower of our Twitter feed, now’s the time to get in the know and get ready for all the action coming throughout the rest of the month. Why? Well, because we’ve got prizes in store.


Community photo contest honorable mention from LemonAir


Twice a day, we’ll be holding retweet contests via our Twitter page. All eligible participants who retweet our designated car announcement Tweets will be automatically entered to win a prize, be it a free download code for the Porsche Expansion Pack (by retweeting the morning car announcement, posted at 8 a.m. Pacific) or an actual physical prize from Turn 10, Porsche, etc. (by retweeting the afternoon car announcement, posted at 1 p.m. Pacific). For each prize period, we’ll be picking a random winner from our retweets and you can only win once during this contest. For full official rules, see this link.


When we aren’t giving away fabulous prizes on Twitter, we’ll be following up our official Porsche car announcements with images of the just-announced cars both on Facebook and here on In short, beginning next week we’re going Porsche crazy, and we want you to join us and get in on the fun. So remember:


  1. Follow our official Twitter feed
  2. Retweet the designated car announcement tweets
  3. There will be two winners announced per day; the morning winner gets a Porsche Expansion Pack code and we’ll send the afternoon winner some swag from Porsche/Forza/etc.
  4. Check Facebook and for more on the awesome cars that will comprise the Porsche Expansion Pack.



In addition to all of this, Turn 10 representatives will be attending next weekend’s American Le Mans Monterey Presented by Patrón race and giving away Porsche and Forza swag at the race. If you’re planning on coming to the race, look for us (we’ll be the ones wearing Forza gear!) and you might walk away with some cool stuff.


We’ll be keeping you up to date on all the latest Porsche news as we go so hold on tight, because it’s going to be a fun few weeks! Now, on to the rest of the Week in Review!


Community photo contest third place winner from evomunk 

This week saw the release of the May TopGear Car Pack [LINK TO TopGear Pack story], our most recent add-on pack for Forza Motorsport 4. To coincide with its release, we also introduced a new column here on FYI About DLC. In this monthly series, we’ll be giving you a look at interesting bits of trivia, fresh videos, and little-known facts about the cars that make up that month’s add-on pack. For example, did you know that the AMC Pacer once appeared in a French magazine ad alongside a prominent drawing of a woman’s… ahem… posterior? It’s true!(link is semi-safe for work!)


FYI About DLC has facts like this about the Pacer and more and it’s well worth a read. In addition, we’ve turned to the car experts in the Forza Community to give us some little-known facts about May’s crop of DLC Cars, which you can check out in this thread on the forums. A few highlights from the thread so far:

  • A cool video of Sir Stirling Moss whipping around Goodwood in a Lotus Cortina. (Submitted by Seps1974)
  • For you offroaders: A video explaining the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon’s 4X4 Rock-Trac 4WD System. (Submitted by microtubule)
  • Did you know that Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler owns a Venom GT?(Submitted by ADA DocVileOner)
Got more intel on the cars in the May TopGear Car Pack? Let us know in the FYI About DLC thread and we’ll award a unicorn car to any tidbits we feature in the future.

Jalopnik on Venom
We’re not the only ones talking about the May TopGear Car Pack, you know. Earlier this week, Jalopnik posted a video of a Forza 4 player hooning it up in a Hennessey Venom GT. The video’s submitter? None other than the man himself: John Hennessey, the father of that suped-up land rocket. Check it out here.


Made for Mech Update 

This week I spent a great deal time in the 2011 Ferrari FF, driving laps in the Bernese Alps as part of the latest installment in the Made for Mech tuning challenge. I know the FF is a love-it-or-hate-it car for Ferrari fans but I think I end up on the “love it” side of the controversy. Yes, it still looks a bit like a supercar mated with a station wagon but that bulk works to its advantage on the track. It’s heavy and, with the right tune, is capable of surprising grip in the corners (even without the optional wing upgrade that doesn’t do much for the FF’s aesthetics).


I managed to chop off more than five seconds from my original posted time thanks to a number of great tunes that Forza players created on my behalf. I ended up with a 1:24.109 and the realization that I probably could get a lot more out of the car if I had the time. Thanks to everyone who created a tune for me (even those whose tune I couldn’t try out). Unicorn cars were sent out the following Forza tuners whose tunes I loved:

  • KellysCornering 
  • RSC ASIX13 
  • TX3 OutsidEr 
  • B Dizzle1184 
  • P00onjAAvi 
  • Farming the Fog 
  • xMark1991 

I’ll be out of the office and away from Forza next week so we’ll put the “Made for Mech” challenge on hold this week. Look for a new challenge next week!


Community photo contest second place winner Nowthenfella 

Dan in Autoweek
This month’s Autoweek magazine features an appearance by Forza Motorsport creative director Dan Greenawalt, talking about some of the most famous cars in videogame history. A snippet from the article:


“Yu Suzuki changed the landscape of racing game’s with 1999’s Ferrari F355 Challenge arcade simulator. This rig brought simulation racing to the masses in a way never before attempted. It had three screens, a gated shifter, great sound and an incredible steering wheel. With that game, Suzuki introduced the Ferrari F355 Challenge—and the thrill and difficulty of mastering such a brilliant machine—to an entirely new audience.”


Want to read more? Check out the full article in this month’s issue of Autoweek.


Turn 10 Track Day 

Our next Turn 10 Track Day is coming up on Saturday, May 12 for the American Le Mans Monterey race. As always we’ll be hanging out in a chat room on our dedicated Facebook page. This is a six-hour race so we’ll be hanging with you guys from start to finish, talking about the race action and generally having a great time. The race will air on ESPN 3 and via the ESPN app on Xbox LIVE and the green flag drops at 1:15 p.m. Pacific. We hope you’ll join us!


AN AXE WOUND_10169374_1
Community photo contest honorable mention from AN AXE WOUND 


Community Bounty 

This weeks Community Bounty is T10 SIDEFX, and lets just say that he is a drift legend. Be nice to him and he may not unleash his full wrath. This weeks the challenge is a drift down Old Kaido in Red Storm Rising 2 in the Community Rivals Events. So far T10 SIDEFX has delivered a score of 52,482, and that is in a Smart fortwo starting at the 50 percent mark. I watched him put down this score yesterday and let me just say, he's got a lot more where that came from.


Those that are are able to beat his final score by the end of the contest next Tuesday will recieve a unicorn. There is a poll about which unicorn in the Community Bounty Hunter thread, and folks have been posting their votes as well.  Some say it should be the Top Secret S15 since this is a drift contest. Makes sense to me, but we will see what the result is at the end of the contest. Our gentleman Bounty is good enough that if he really wanted, nobody would get a unicorn. He's also a busy (and nice) guy, so you can figure he will take it easy on ya.


Here's a link to a video he and his team made years ago in Forza 2. Enjoy the challenge!


Finally, a few quick hits that I wanted to point out before I head out for the weekend: Forza 4 Design Contest 

Take a look at the latest edition of the Forza Motorsport 4 show being produced by This episode details the winners of the site’s recent Forza 4 Design Contest. 




Senna’s Death Anniversary 

May 1 marked the anniversary of the death of Formula One legend Ayrton Senna. In tribute, here’s a fantastic YouTube video of Senna tackling Suzuka in a Honda NSX. We’ve posted this before but it bears watching again, if only to dig into Senna’s ridiculously awesome heel-toe action… performed while wearing the most impractical loafers ever.



That’s all for this week, folks!