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Forza Motorsport 4: Week in Review 5/25/12

John Schommer
Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wow, what a busy and sensational last couple weeks it has been. The lead up to the release of the Porsche Expansion Pack had me tweeting like a canary nearly ten times a day providing the world with the latest updates to that now released gob of awesomeness that is the Porsche Expansion Pack. Since the pack’s release on Tuesday, thankfully, I have found some time to enjoy some of the cars and check out the new Rivals events. If you haven’t already, check them out and go destroy the times I have set down as T10 Johniwanna. I will say that I am proudest of my time in “Love, Panamerican Style,” that Panamera Turbo handles so well, and getting  a clean lap among traffic at “the Ring” is no simple task. Certainly the Porsche pack is one more bucket of reasons to love Forza 4.


If by the slim chance you missed our rollout announcements that included prizes, pictures and a really cool trailer check out the Unveiling Porsche story.


If you’re in the market for the Porsche Pack you may also want to consider picking up the VIP Program that just went on sale last week. VIP members get a $5 discount off the price of the Porsche Expansion Pack, in addition to all the benefits of being a VIP. Check out the full story on the VIP program to find out just what being a VIP means and why it’s worth purchasing.


And now, to quote our absent world traveller whose immense, presence and considerable shoes I have been filling…”On to the week in review!”


Third place winner in this week's community photo contest D2044 

New Team Member Kenan  

We have added a new member to the Turn 10 Community Team. Kenan, will be working with the community in a multitude of ways, we welcome his experience and capabilities to the team. One of his first tasks was to track down the winners of our Porsche code and prize giveaway. No easy task, given the winners are located all around the world and communication was conducted solely via tweets. Who knows, you may see him as a Community Bounty soon, as this seems a right of passage for new team members.


Welcome Kenan!


In his own words…


My name is Kenan Besirevic. I was born in Bosnia/Herzegovina and I have lived most of my life in Richmond, Virginia where I completed my education in Digital Entertainment and Game Design.  About two years ago, after I graduated, I picked up my bags from the East coast and moved to the West coast to pursue my career. It took me about six days to drive across the country and it was exhausting but a very awesome experience indeed.


I started out with Nintendo as a tester. Shortly after that I had an opportunity to work with Zipper Interactive (SCEA) as a Community Specialist/Assistant Designer and now I have joined Team Forza as a Content Coordinator. I’m really excited to be here as motorsports is one of my great passions and to have an opportunity to be part of this great studio/franchise is pretty special.


My hobby, no surprise, is gaming and my favorite genres are racing and shooters.  I also enjoy books, movies, sports, cars, grilling, beer, outdoors, traveling and clean endurance races (if possible). 


Again, I'm excited to be here and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. My gamertag is HTKenan and I'll be seeing you guys around.


Winner of this week's community photo contest Kesselring1987 

Heavy Metal Affliction—Speedware Motorsports 

There is really nothing more fun than hanging around a car shop that does amazing builds(aside from playing Forza 4 perhaps), which is what I was able to do for a couple hours this last week. Local speed and performance shop Speedware Motorsports allowed pro-photographer Landin Wiliams and myself some VIP access to what goes on within their hallowed and humoungous facility. I also featured Shaun Duncan’s(president of SM) 1975 Porsche 911 Carrera that is tweaked perfectly in every way.  Here is a link to the full story. A couple more pictures from this extremely cool shoot are featured here in WIR.


 Look to our official Facebook page in the coming weeks for some more wicked sick photos from this rare opportunity.



Status Symbols vs. Driver’s Cars 

This question has been stirring in me for some time and I wanted to put it to the community to further define it. What makes a car a status symbol and what makes a car a drivers car? What are the factors that put one car in one category or the other.  For example Porsche 911, certainly a drivers car, but is the Porsche 911 Turbo also a driver’s car even though it will more than likely be purchased by someone looking to make the statement “I made it.” Lamborghini is obviously a driver’s car yet many who purchase them cannot even drive them, much less take them to their performance limits. 


So I put it to you Forza 4 Community, give me a list of driver’s cars and status symbols and help me reach a conclusion. The best car lists and reason sets will receive a Lamborghini  Gallardo Superleggera for their wisdom. Post it in this week’s WIR thread.


Community Bounty 

This week’s Tuning Garage Community Bounty is F1SH0 of DirtT Tuned Racing. F1SH0 is the co-founder and one of their most experienced tuners. He also has a penchance for speed and is doing his best to represent for his garage. The event he is competing in is Autumn Fallout at Maple Valley, so if you haven’t already go to the Monthly Rivals Event and lay down a time. F1SH0  and his garage are giving out a really sweet Jaguar to those who beat F1SH0’s time. Last time I noted was 136.906. Check out F1SH0's thread to see all the details.


Manual Clutch 
Second place winner in this week's community photo contest Manual Clutch 

Redline Reviews Episode 

The second episode of Redline Reviews is out on YouTube. These guys really put together a quality production and its worth a watch. This time they are featuring the comely and majestic Koenigsegg Agera. Written by AZTECH318, narrated by THE SHADOW EDGE, edited by XAM3L, with photography by DJRDS 



Gumball 3000 

The Gumball 3000 got underway today. That’s a road trip from New York to Los Angeles in 8 days in the fashion presented in the 1970’s race classic “The Gumball Rally.” The event is in it’s 14th year and challenges 100 of the world’s most exotic, expensive and classic rides to cross the country in a flurry of cars, music and film. There is a $50,000 entry fee for the weeklong event and it is recorded and sold as a series on DVD. You can also catch headlines and updates on a variety of cable networks. Here is a link to the Gumball 3000 site for more information on how you can watch the antics and fun that it creates. Pictures of the cars and notes about the participants are here too. They also have a YouTube channel that covers last years event.


James Bond 50th Anniversary video and Free Tunes and Paints 

Atlantic LS has a new video celebrating the 50th anniversary of James Bond. The have a well-done video up on YouTube and are giving away all the tunes and paints from the cars they featured in the video. They have a thread that talks about all the Bond cars and why we love them and how you can get these cars for free from Atlantic LS.


Here is the video.


Have a great memorial day weekend folks!