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Forza Motorsport Week In Review 12-14-12

Brian Ekberg
Friday, December 14, 2012

[NOTE: Before we begin this week’s edition of the Week in Review, I wanted to take a moment to express my sorrow and condolences at the events that unfolded in Connecticut today. Words fail during times like this. But words have power too, and I hope that power can be used to help heal during this unfathomable tragedy.]


As we sometimes do here in the Week in Review, this week’s edition is going to focus as much on looking forward as it does recounting the past seven days. Because, let’s face it folks, there’s a ton of cool stuff coming up for Forza fans starting as early as tomorrow (yes, we’ll be publishing something on the weekend… we’re excited too!). But, wait, I can’t tell you about Saturday yet… you’ll have to wait for that announcement here on What I can tell you about is Monday and Tuesday… and Thursday. Oh, and Friday too! And the week after next! Whew. This might take a while, so let’s jump in for a very special forward-looking Week in Review.


Monday – Forza Horizon Title Update

First up, Monday. That’s the day that we’re releasing the latest title update for Forza Horizon, one that has been in the works since the game was launched back in October. This title update will address a number of issues in Forza Horizon, most notably the loyalty car import issue, which resulted in some players not receiving the Forza Motorsport loyalty rewards cars (for having played Forza Motorsport 3 or Forza Motorsport 4) in Forza Horizon.


Also as part of the title update, rumble functionality in Forza Horizon has also been updated to take into account different rumble thresholds for wired and wireless controllers. In addition, Forza Horizon will now feature increased rumble effects at peak tire friction on paved roads as well as more pronounced off-road vibration effects. The vibration slider (which you can find by going to the Profile -> Options -> Controls -> Advanced menu) is now more tunable than before, giving players greater ability to dial the precise level of rumble they are looking for.


Finally, this title update will also address the lack of smoke effects when going from bumper or hood cam into photo mode, a bug that caused grid ordering based on last race results to not work, and a number of other improvements as well. The title update will be available on Monday, Dec. 17 and will download automatically (assuming your Xbox 360 is connected to the Xbox LIVE) when you fire up the game.


Forza Horizon photo mission “catch air” theme second place winner from Alpaca05.


Tuesday – Get Your Rally On

If we were unusually quiet this past week about next week’s launch of the Rally Expansion Pack for Forza Horizon, it’s because we wanted to save the news for our friends at IGN, who, early this morning, unveiled the details of the pack in an exclusive interview with Playground Games’ Ralph Fulton. The interview goes in-depth into the features of the Rally Expansion Pack, including detail on the co-driver calls that will be such a huge part of the driving experience. Check out the article for the full details, the first screenshots and, of course, the action-packed trailer for the Rally Expansion Pack and check back next week for more. The Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack will launch off the starting line on Tuesday, December 18 and will cost 1,600 MS Points. If you’re a Forza Horizon Season Pass owner, you’ll get the expansion pack for no additional charge, as well as this month’s free Season Pass bonus car – the 2003 Ford SVT Focus.


Thursday – The Final GWD of 2012

As I mentioned in last week’s edition of the Week in Review, on Thursday Dec, 20, we’ll be throwing our final Game With Dev event of 2012. Last week, I asked for opinions of how we can make this final GWD of the year even more special than our typical two-hour bashes. While I got a ton of great responses, one comment was repeated over and over throughout the thread: Make this GWD longer so more folks have a chance to take part.


So, we’re taking that advice to heart. To celebrate the end of the year, our final GWD will be an all-day affair. That’s right, we’ll be kicking things off around 10 a.m. Pacific and playing Forza with you guys all day long… or at least until the last of us have left the office. Now, a few caveats to keep in mind:


1) While we’ll be keeping our Facebook chat room open all day long, members of the community team will be darting in and out during the day. After all, as much as we love playing Forza and hanging out with you guys, we’ve got jobs to do.


2) This will be an all-day GWD but not an all-day/all-night GWD. Important distinction there. As soon as we all head home, GWD goes nighty night.


3) We’ll be playing both Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4 throughout the day. So if you can’t get in a room in one game, you’ll have a chance at finding us in the other.


4) There will be unicorns.


Q&A With Racing Legend Andy Pilgrim on December 20

Have you ever wanted to ask a real race driver what it’s like to win a championship or hit 200 mph at Le Mans? On Thursday, Dec, 20 from 7-9 pm PDT you’ll get your chance. Cadillac Racing and PWC (Pirelli World Challenge) driver Andy Pilgrim will be available via the forums for a Q&A session as a follow up to the Heavy Metal Affliction story John did last week. Pilgrim got his start on motorcycles in the late 1970s and has raced nearly everything on two or four wheels. Read the story here and post you questions in the HMA thread. We will be awarding unicorns to those who post questions that are used in the Q&A.


Don’t forget that you can race against Andy Pilgrim’s real-life best time at Infineon in this month’s Forza Motorsport 4 Monthyl Rivals mode “Pilgrimage to Sonoma.”


Forza Horizon photo mission “catch air” theme winner from Big Bong87.


Friday – Our Final Week in Review of 2012

Next week’s edition of the Week in Review will be the final WIR of the year, and I want your help putting it together. Do you have a favorite Forza memory of 2012? I want to hear it. Perhaps you discovered a new favorite car, or you want to tell us about an unforgettable race you experienced? Maybe you finally finished that masterpiece livery you’ve been slaving over for months or you hooked up with a new Car Club in Forza Horizon that’s changed the way you play the game. Have a favorite edition of Heavy Metal Affliction? Whatever your favorite 2012 memory, let me hear about it in our WIR thread. I’ll print my favorite responses in next week’s WIR, along with the Forza community team’s favorite memories. As always, if you get printed, you get a unicorn… and spelling and grammar count! (Not really.) (But try your best.)


Next NEXT Week – 24 Days of Le Mans

You think that, just because we’re done with Weeks in Review for 2012, that we’re done giving you awesome things to do in Forza? HECK NO. The final week of the year is going to be chugging along as usual in the Forza universe. In addition to releasing details on our January DLC pack, we’ll also be kicking off a brand new set of Rivals events in Forza Motorsport 4 to coincide with the Le Mans contest to elect the most iconic car in 24 Hours of Le Mans history, the details of which we discussed in last week’s edition of the Week in Review.


So in celebration of this historic contest, we put our heads together and came up with something we’re calling “24 Days of Le Mans.” Starting on Dec. 23, we’ll be publishing new Rivals events in Forza Motorsport 4, starring cars from six decades of Le Mans history. These six Rivals events will feature Le Mans cars from all over the world and from the 1960s upwards, all taking place on era-accurate versions of the Le Mans track. Look for more details on the car list for the events in next week’s Week in Review; in the meantime, I’d suggest busting out Forza 4 and getting some Le Mans laps in.


Now… the Week in Review!

Now, with the future behind us--at least in terms of this WIR--it’s time to look forward at the past week. Wait, what? Anyway, here’s a look at cool stuff from this past week…


Kill Screen Takes on Turn 10

The folks at Kill Screen released their latest video documentary, a look behind the scenes at what it takes to create a car in Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4. In addition to talking to artists who create the model of the car, this video discusses the challenges of making cars sound as realistic as possible. As our Turn 10’s own Nick Wiswell puts it:


"The best way I've ever been able to describe a car is think of it as a really complicated wind instrument. The engine is sucking air in, it's causing an explosion, and it's sucking air out. That creates a note that resonates through the pipe much as you would with a brass instrument. By adjusting the length and the diameter of the pipe, you change the note of the car."

Check out the video for more:




Forza Horizon Wins Awards

This week, Forza Horizon took home a couple of awesome year-end awards. First up, GameSpot and X-Play awarded Horizon as “Racing Game of the Year” and “Best Racing Game”, respectively. Here’s the GameSpot video explaining why Horizon came away with top honors:



In addition, at the time of this writing, Forza Horizon was still in the lead in the first round of voting for GameSpot’s 2012 People’s Choice awards. If you haven’t voted for us, go do so now before the first round shuts down!


You can vote for Forza Horizon over at IGN as well! We’re up for both “Best Xbox 360 Racing Game” and “Best Overall Racing Game” so do your civic duty and give us a vote, won’t you?


Jalopnik’s 10 Most Important New Cars of 2012

The headline pretty much says it all. Earlier in the week, Jalopnik posted their list of the ten most important new cars in 2012 , some of which you can drive in Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon. I’m curious: Do you agree or disagree with this list? Which cars would you call the most influential of the year? Let me hear what you have to say in our WIR thread and I’ll award unicorn cars to my favorite answers!


December Stories

Finally this week, here’s a few of my favorite stories that you guys shared about your experiences so far with the Forza Horizon December IGN Car Pack.


Athren85 is a Bond fan and had just one car in mind:


I was seriously disappointed when I found out it didn't make it into the initial Horizon line-up and that was made even worse when I was catching up on Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace in preperation for Skyfall.
Then there was the announcement of the December IGN pack and I overlooked the F12 entirely, overjoyed for the return of my favorite car. The car doesn't disappoint in terms of performance either and it really likes to eat those mountain roads with ease while looking stunning every inch of the way.


A tip from CBRadio1985 for UNSC Raptor fans:


also, do matte paint on the Halo Raptor. trust me, you won't be disappointed! since the livery can't be removed, matte paint makes it look soooooo much better! the only color change will be the SVT badge on the front fenders.


TheJellyBaby458 and his F12berlinetta experience:


I was driving the F12berlinetta to a tunnel for a YT video. I was approaching the Steelworks, when I Corvette pulls out in front of me. We crashed head-on, but my car went flying in the air! I was in the air for about 5 seconds, jumped over a few cars, then I landed on top of a Ferrari FF, and got pulled back to where I was before the crash. Thanks for the awesome physics!


Forza Horizon photo mission “catch air” theme third place from SweedishThunder.


Chaotic GTS has a tale of a Hummer H1 getting air time:


Shortly after test driving the H1 on I-76 to the Clear Springs Outpost, I did a few upgrades on it. Bigger brakes, stiffer roll bars, lighter drive shaft (like any good that'll do) to make it an E200. Then I took the H1 down to the C-203 dirt loop to test its off-road performance. Surprisingly, it responds well despite redlining at a measly 3000 RPM. Handled nicely, slides fashionably, and got some nice hang-time for a church. From there I ran into some trouble on the dirt loop, although it was more trouble for them than me. You see, I came across a race between a Pagani Hyura, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, and an Infiniti G37 IPL. With the road at its narrowest, someone was bound come to a stop. Except no one stopped...


To find out the full story see Chaotic GTS’s post


Horizon595 says that, driving the right car, you can make Horizon look like a Bond movie:


James Bond & Aston Martin are inseparable, and, because Aston Martin are present in Forza Horizon, it's possible to do James Bond's pursuits. With the DBS, you can do an amazing thing : you take a grey DBS, then you go between Bunker and Finley Dam and there, your race looks like the very beginning of Quantum Of Solace with the tunnels, the river and the mountains.


NOLIMIT95300 sees similarities between the Javelin-AMX and a certain video game weapon:


I just want to say, that: 1971 AMC Javelin-AMX his the same name for a Battlefield 3's weapons.

In this game, nobody can survive to her shoot, it make a big explosion that kill everybody all around.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the December IGN Car Pack thread. Those of you whose comments we used now have shiny new unicorn cars in your Forza Horizon inbox, so congrats!


Now, how’s that for a jam-packed edition of the Week in Review? Like I mentioned at the top, next week’s WIR will be the last of the year, followed up by our Forza Year in Review for 2012, which is coming on Dec. 28. Get ready for an awesome week of Forza fun next week and we’ll see you again on Friday!