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Forza Motorsport Week in Review 11-23-12

Alex Kierstein
Friday, November 23, 2012

It’s the time of year when we Americans are recovering from eating massive helpings of turkey, but also when we take a minute to say what we’re thankful for. On our team, we’re thankful for our fans and amazing community on the forums, who make Forza much deeper than just the games. You help out folks who have questions, post great content like liveries and photos, and participate in our events like Community Bounty Hunter. Plus we get a kick out of playing with you in our Game With Dev events, like the one this past Wednesday.


Anyways, we just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for helping to make Forza’s community what it is. And to those of you who celebrate it, we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And now onto the Week in Review!


Bounty Hunter Community Rivals Events – Message Center Challenge Reminder
Time is running out on the Forza Horizon Community Bounty Hunter challenge, and I’m starting to feel kind of smug about my chances of avoiding the embarrassment of wearing that hideous Gandalf costume. While plenty of you are posting some very slick times, it won’t be enough if the trend continues this way. So if you want to see me make a fool out of myself, visit Race Central, select the Parks and Recreation event in Monthly Rivals, and beat my time. More details can be found in this thread.


Whether you’re crushing my time or not, everyone has a chance to win a unicorn. Check out the in-game Message Center for instructions on how to Tweet your time for a chance to win.


And don’t forget that Ian (HeliosT10) is fending off the Forza Motorsport 4 community in his own Bounty Hunter challenge. Challenge him in the “Off The Wagon” event!


Horizon Photo Mission 4 – First Place: EvilLeviOwnsYou


Game With Dev recap
We had a lot of fun with the last Game With Dev event playing Forza Horizon with the community, but this week’s event was a blast from the recent past, with both Forza Motorsport 4 and Forza Horizon on the menu. Fred, John, and Ian were running Forza 4 lobbies and Kenan and I were running Horizon lobbies. We all had a lot of fun. Thanks for playing!


Don’t forget to vote in the VGA Awards
We’re still not quite over the fact that Forza Horizon was nominated as one of the VGA 2012 Best Driving games. Of course, we think it’s the best action racing game of all time, but we are a little biased. The nomination was a great honor to everyone who worked hard on the game. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the VGA Awards page, you can still vote for all your favorite games.


Horizon Photo Mission 4 – Second Place: CutneckDog


Week in the Forums
Some threads on really take on a life of their own. In case you haven’t gotten a chance to rate photos in CPU M Rossi’s epic “Rate the Photo Above You” thread yet, scroll through some of the 340 pages (as of this writing) and post up some photos! Remember, “constructive criticism” is the name of the game. Budding photographers and the Horizon crowd might want to spend some time in this thread and pick up some pointers.


Another thread worth noting is an idea I really like – introducing the Forza community to something that they might not have tried yet. tyreslayer425 is holding “Slayer’s Rookie Competition,” a drift competition for folks who aren’t the typical drift competitors. Want to try your hand at drifting? Take a look at the thread. As of now, it looks like qualifying will be next week, 11/28, and the competition will be on 12/2. This seems like a great idea and we encourage more folks to create events like this that expose players to new aspects of the game!


Forza Horizon Season Pass Exclusive Cars: First of Five Available Now
The first Season Pass Exclusive car is here for Season Pass holders to download. As you might know, Season Pass holders get five of these exclusive cars on top of the rest of the stuff they get, like the six car October Car Pack and the Rally Expansion Pack coming in December. Ok, ok, but how do you get your driving gloves on the Season Pass Exclusive car? It’s easy:


•    Visit the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or the Horizon Autoshow in-game
•    Find and download the Season Pass Exclusive car
•    Once downloaded, the car will appear in your garage and is ready to use.


If you’re not yet a Season Pass holder, the easiest (and only) way to unlock these cars is to purchase a Season Pass. If you don’t have a Season Pass you will not be able to use these cars.  Any Season Pass Exclusive car that’s downloaded will be locked and unable to use until a Season Pass is purchased – then any Season Pass Exclusive cars will be unlocked and fully useable.  Just remember that even though a Season Pass Exclusive car shows up in the marketplace as available for download, only Season Pass holders will be able to unlock them.


Horizon Photo Mission 4 – Third Place: Big Bong87


Bondurant Challenge – Updated
Are you competing in the Bondurant Challenge? Fred updated the standings this week. Check the rankings here.


And that’s all for this holiday week. Have an excellent weekend, enjoy your leftovers, and play some Forza! See you next week.