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A Tour of the New

Brian Ekberg
Monday, June 4, 2012

With today’s unveiling of Forza Horizon at E3 2012, we’re also unveiling the latest additions to! As you’re no doubt aware by now, Forza Horizon is a brand new chapter in the ongoing Forza series. In celebration, we’ve created a brand new Forza Horizon section of, showcasing Horizon's look and feel, detailing the features in the game, and keeping you up to date with all of the latest Forza Horizon news. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the new sections of


Home Page 

First up, the home page of is changing as the Forza franchise grows. The Forza home page will be your one-stop shop for everything Forza—whether you’re looking for the latest news on Forza Horizon, an update on what’s happening with the latest DLC pack for Forza Motorsport 4, or one of our community-focused news features from John like Heavy Metal Affliction, all the latest Forza news can be found on the home page, just like always. 



You’ll find some new tabs at the top of the main Forza page (and throughout the site too), including the brand new “Forza Horizon” tab. Clicking it will take you to a sub-site dedicated to all things “Forza Horizon.” 




Forza Horizon Main Page 

If you want to keep up with the very latest Forza Horizon news, this is the section for you. With a style and scheme that perfectly fits the game, the Forza Horizon section is dedicated to the next great entry in the Forza series. In addition to the latest Forza Horizon headlines, you can click the sub-tabs under the Forza Horizon tab to discover more Horizon details. The “Features” tab will give you an overview of the action-packed fun you can expect in Forza Horizon. 




The “Cars” page will bring you an ever-growing list of cars that will be appearing in Forza Horizon. Finally, clicking on “World” will bring you to a section dedicated to Forza Horizon's version of Colorado. Both the “Cars” and “World” sections will be continuously updated throughout the summer as we get closer to the October 23 launch of the game, so stay tuned!


Forza Motorsport 4 Main Page 

As with the Forza Horizon section, the Forza Motorsport 4 section is for fans of Turn 10’s automotive masterpiece, Forza Motorsport 4. All the Forza 4 news is here: the latest DLC announcements, community spotlights, and more. Clicking on the "Features", “Cars”, and “Tracks” sub-tabs will also take you to those respective sections of the Forza 4 corner of 




The News Page 

Maybe you just want to get to the news—to discover the freshest content has to offer. If so, you’ll want to bookmark the “News” page. Every story that is posted to the site will show up here, whether it’s a new interview with the guys at Playground Games on the making of Forza Horizon, a new announcement on Forza 4 DLC, or just a cool story spotlighting a Forza community member, it's all here. If you only want to see news for Forza Horizon or Forza Motorsport 4, you’ll have the option to filter the news as you see fit. Otherwise, keep the filter off and let the Forza news fly hot off the presses! 




Buy Page 

We spend a lot of time talking to you about how awesome Forza Horizon and Forza Motorsport 4 are. But what if you want to spend some of your hard-earned money on one of our fine automotive entertainment products? Well, that’s where the “Buy” page comes in. Clicking on the Xbox-green “Buy” tab will take you to our Buy page, where you’ll find a place to buy Forza Motorsport 4 as well as links to all the latest DLC for the game. The "Buy" page is also be where you’ll be able to pre-order Forza Horizon, once the pre-order program begins (soon, we promise!) Stay tuned for more details.


Over the coming months, we’ll be updating on a regular basis with a steady stream of Forza Horizon news, feature announcements, and surprises, as well as your regular cadence of Forza Motorsport 4 updates and cool stuff from the automotive world. We’ve got lots of great plans for the site in the coming months, so stick around with us as the Forza world continues to grow!