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Rear View Mirror 8/13/12

John Schommer
Monday, August 13, 2012


August, what a lovely month it is. In the Pacific Northwest it is the only month you can really count on some consistent summer weather. You can also count on the fact that many race series will be taking some time off. Everyone needs a vacation, even when you race cars for a living, and that’s ok, because it gives us more time to play Forza, and that is a good thing!


Welcome to another edition of Rear View Mirror, Forza Motorsport’s look back at the weekend in racing and what is going on in the Forza community.


NASCAR Finger Lakes 355 at Watkins Glen International 

There’s nothing like a little hidden oil slick on the track to keep things interesting. It was questioned whether there should have been a late-race caution to deal with the nearly invisible patch of viscosity supposedly left by Bobby Labonte’s Toyota. In the end it made for exciting racing and nobody got hurt.


After a lap 75 restart Marcos Ambrose, driving the #9 Richard Petty Motorsports Ford, battled with Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch into the first corner with Busch dropping to the inside and taking the lead.


Keselowski and Ambrose traded second place back and forth, then Keselowski knocked Kyle Busch for a loop in the S-turn that had both cars sliding sideways through the oil slick. Ambrose waited for his chance and slugged it out with Keselowski in the final lap bumping and getting dirty in the grass. Ambrose came out of the final turn a little hotter and got the win. This was Ambrose’s second Sprint Cup win and his second in a row at Watkins Glen. NASCAR is really exciting when they hit these road courses… I mean more exciting.


Check out this video that captures the wild finish:




Pike’s Peak Hill Climb 2012 

The Pike’s Peak Hill Climb is one of the few U.S. racing events that is so risky, so over the top exciting and unusual, that it is reminiscent of WRC Group B racing and other classic race series that are no longer held due to safety concerns. Thankfully, the great state of Colorado still puts on the Hill Climb. If you think I am exaggerating the dangerous nature of this race, watch this video: 




Yes, driver and co-driver survived, a testament to how well-built these cars are and how safety regulations do save lives.


If you don’t know about this event, it is made up of many classes of motorcycles, quads, and vehicles ranging from electric vehicles to an open class where nearly anything goes (such as the 2011 Suzuki #1 Monster Sport SX4 found in the December IGN Pack). Top honors for the lowest overall time went to Rhys Millen of Formula Drift fame, followed by Romain Dumas of Switzerland who was only 17 hundredths of a second slower overall. Here are the full official results.  Rather than try and summarize the results I am just going to point you to these videos that represent what is it’s like to race at 14,000 feet in elevation on one of the most daunting ascents in the world:


Rhys Millen’s 2012 Qualifying Run in the Hyundai Genesis:




Randy Probst in his Time Attack B5 Audi A4 running the middle section. Listen to that turbo… Oooo!




Here is David Donner doing a test run in a Palatov D4 PPS. This is a fairly conservative run, but that is only by comparison to what a competition run is like.




Here is a full run in the Falken Tires car from 2010. Until a full race video is released for 2012 nothing really beats the scariness of this guy trying to beat his previous record in this nearly 900 hp all-wheel drive monster.


And in the world of Forza…


Virtual Motorsports 

This week Virtual Motorsports continues their ongoing racing series and has a new series coming up soon. They are also about to release the first points update in the 2012 VM Championship. So far 370 people have competed in 2012 and all those races result in points, if you make it into the top 24 you may be invited to compete for the top spot in Virtual Motorsports racing. Read the VM Weekly Newsletter for the full details.


VM Knockout Tournament

In the VM Knockout Tournament, the first round of eliminations has taken place. The first week of competition had participants build a 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP to the maximum PI of 518 and compete at Road America. There were a wide variety of builds presented, from pure-power builds to total aero and grip builds with everything in between. Read the newsletter to see who made it to the top 16.


VM Stockhatch Series 2

The seventh meeting of the VM Stockhatch Series 2 took place at Sunset Peninsula around the Club Circuit, and it was a 36-lap race. The race was won by #955 FMS Takumi, second was taken by series leader #440 VVV Amarth and #312 FMS Mayhem closed out the podium. Check out full race results here.


Up next is the VM GP2 Series 3, check out their promo video to see if you want to take part in the action. It looks the Mazda Miata Superlight is going to get a workout.




Johniwanna Want Ads Impacts CRS in a Big Way 

The purpose of the Johniwanna Want Ads is to shed some spotlight on community events. Our first feature was CRS—a group of folks that host contests and help out people who have lost their data by restocking their garages.


Here is what CRS has to say about the response.


“I must say when I first entered the CRS in johniwanna's want ads, it was to get a little exposure for our comp at the time, 'Airborne in the USA', as usual with CRS comps it was about having fun and being inventive, not just outright speed. I was hoping to get some more entries, so when John contacted me and told me that he featured the whole CRS organization and Turn 10 were donating 12 million credits, it was mind blowing. Our little group likes to help people out who are down on their luck, and with johniwanna/Turn 10 openly supporting us, it made me feel very humble and excited all at the same time. I expected a few new members, and maybe even some donations. What we actually got was an amazing response from the community, some who never heard of us, some who thought we'd not moved over to Forza 4 (we changed sub-forums), and people who have been repeat donators who just felt like matching Turn 10's contribution. Once the credits rolled in, they didn't seem to stop. We went from a couple of donations, and a few new members to over 30 new members in a couple of days, and more amazingly over 300 million credits added to our balance. Including one of 50 million! This money has already started to help the community, funding some comps to help people get them off the ground, helping people restore their saves, all sorts!



The support Turn 10 showed us has had an immeasurable impact on our group, and we are truly thankful. That little article about our group has brought us new members, more donations, and the best exposure of all, word of mouth amongst friends who are still arriving at our thread or PM'ing me over live. We at the CRS are truly glad we could help the community this past few years, and will continue to do so into Forza Horizon and beyond. What johniwanna and Turn 10 did for us makes us all happy to belong to one of the best gaming communities there is (and i've seen a lot in my years of gaming). To say thank you just doesn't even come close to expressing our gratitude.”


And check out BBTD Mitchy’s Forza tat, that is some serious lifelong love of Forza there!



Johniwanna Want Ads Feature—The Great GUMBALL BLOWOUT 

From FatboyShane, check out this thread that will lead you to some of the designs that will be offered in an Auction House super sale of killer designs from many great Forza artists. Not just Gumball designs and they all start at 1,000 credits with no buyouts.


All cars will be going up on Friday August 17 in the Auction House at 7 p.m. CST Auctions will run for 24 hours.


If you have a design that you would like to include post about it in FatboyShane’s thread, all the details about this super auction are listed and there are already over five pages of designs to check out.


From the Johniwanna Want Ads—Viper GTS Drift Video from MCplayer92 

It doesn’t have to be an event to be worthwhile to post in the Johniwanna Want Ads, if you have a cool video you made post it here and maybe it will get featured and get a ton of views.




Featured Club EK9 OWNERS CLUB 

Submitted by club leader Dzero4, EK9 OWNERS CLUB has a love for real world cars and racing in Forza. They are relatively small and reside in the U.K. and the Netherlands. Dzero4 had a lot to say about his club and created a page full of info about their club. Click here to read his full feature.


Here is their clubhouse link if you want to inquire about joining.


Or check them out on Facebook.


If you have a Forza racing club you would like to see featured in Rear View Mirror, post about it in the RVM thread or send me a PM. Each week I will try and feature a different club. All members get a unicorn of choice for being featured.



Show-off DLC winner from Turkeyboy696X 


Show-off August DLC Winners 

In an effort to give some love to the August Playseat CarPack I created a thread where I asked the community to share their greatest creations using this month’s car pack. Here are a couple of the winning entries. Unicorns have been gifted. Thanks to everyone who posted. Look for FYI about DLC on Wednesday for another chance to show what you know about the cars of the August Playseat Car Pack.


Mr Antt for his “The Last Stretch” pic of Mercedes-Sauber C9 on the Mulsanne Straight.

leopauldr for his rendition of the Stig driving the Top Gear test track. Check it out here.

This video of a killer jump that ended badly but with great humor from Raiden8816.

A little tandem drifting at Tsukuba in the Scion FR-S from modthesol. 

Turkeyboy696X for his collection of Boss 302 shots and tease of upcoming Boss video.

This cool shot of the Scion FRS featured in RVM from INSANENEIVIESIS. 

The shot of a mostly stock looking Continental works for me from CamaroGuy96.

An awesomely edited and produced comparison video from YemiTheOne pitting the Camaro ZL-1 against the Mustang Boss 302. This is the overall winner of all submissions.


Thank you all for all your submissions, there were a ton of other excellent posts. There simply isn’t enough time in the day to appreciate them all, but you can bet the Unicorn Saint will be spending some time in this thread gifting randomly to spread the love. Check your inboxes tomorrow afternoon if you haven’t been featured here.


Mr Antt_Sauber_C9

Show-off DLC winning photo from Mr Antt. 


Forza Horizon Car List 

As you know, Forza Horizon is coming in just about two months. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working to finalize our car unveil plan and I think you’re going to like what you see. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks. Until then, let us know in the Forza Horizon forum which cars you most want to see in Horizon! And be sure to pre-order before the game arrives on Oct. 23!


Top Gear USA Starts Tomorrow 

The new season of Top Gear USA begins this week! Tomorrow night's premier is simply titled "Police Cars" and will feature Tanner, Adam, and Rutledge in a variety of stunts featuring famous cop cruisers. The show airs on History Channel starting at 8/9c starting tomorrow. 


As always, if you would like to comment on anything featured in Rear View Mirror, please do so in the RVM Thread. Who knows, your comment might even get you a unicorn.

That’s it for this week folks, have a great one!