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Rear View Mirror 5/7/12

John Schommer
Friday, May 11, 2012

Rear View Mirror is your look back at the week in racing in the world of Forza Motorsport and real life. So without any further adieu, lets get to it.


Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway 


Ricky Bobby, played by Kurt Busch and his #51 “Talladega Nights” livery was a highlight of this week’s Sprint Cup Series race. In the #51, Kurt Bush, sponsored by “Me” lead the race briefly. Sadly, in lap 181, contact sent him spinning into the inside wall ending any chance at victory. The Ricky Bobby theme played well with the commentary, adding even more excitement to the four-wide racing event.


There were several late-race cautions, including two major pile-ups that took out pole-sitting Jeff Gordon, former Forza 4 King of the Track Juan Pablo Montoya, points contender Denny Hamlin, and many others. Due to these wrecks, the leaders and running order saw several drastic changes in the later laps.


In the end, Dodge found its first win at Talladega in 36 years when, in turn three of the final lap, Brad Keselowski’s #2 Miller Lite Dodge aggressively dove from high in the corner down to the bottom of the track, slipping by Kyle Busch to win by three tenths of a second. A large margin for a Talladega race where winners can be separated by thousandths. Kyle Busch in the #18 M&Ms Toyota settled for second, and after the race was still perplexed at how the #2 got around him. Matt Kenseth in the #17 Best Buy Ford took third after running with the leaders all day.



Community photo contest favorite from Jose2g 


V8 Supercars Trading Post Perth Challenge 

After four rain-plagued practice sessions, Saturday’s Aussie V8 Supercar race number seven winner was Mark Winterbottom in the #5 Ford FPR Falcon. Jamie Whincup in the #1 car of Team Vodafone and teammate Craig Lowndes in the #888 drove their Commodore VE2’s to second and third respectively.


Sunday was host to two more 50-lap races.  The early race was won by Will Davison in the #6 Trading Post FPR Ford Falcon, Jamie Whincup got second, and Mark Winterbottom earned third. Davison won again in the later Sunday race, while Whincup and “Frosty” traded podium spots.  Davison was astounded to win both Sunday races after a crash on Saturday that took the race sponsor’s car out of contention. Meanwhile, Whincup was seething over failing to get a win the entire weekend.


Sunday afternoon’s race added further challenge to several drivers after a safety car was deployed behind the wrong car. How you mistake #1 for #888 is beyond comprehension. The impact it had on the race was much more obvious. Interested in the full story? Check out the Aussie V8 Supercars site.


 Community photo contest favorite from john scud67 

Virtual Motorsports 

This week Virtual Motorsports reached over one thousand members. A milestone among Forza 4 online racing communities and a testament to the quality of the racing they provide and support.


VM GP2 Series

The GP2 series comprises of eight weeks of racing the SEAT Leon Supercup car built to the PI of 613, making this a true test of driver ability. The first race of the season was held at Road Atlanta and included 69 (WooHoo) competitors.  Qualifying was within thousandths of a second. The racing was equally competitive.


Congratulations to all the winners of the two-race format conducted in four rooms. Link here, to read the full story.


Here is a video from the race.  To watch more videos uploaded by GP2 racers click here.




VM NASCAR Series 1

The final race of the standard eight race series took place at Motegi International Speedway in Japan with its rather technical oval. This series will continue for an additional four rounds to narrow the championship down from the top 20 drivers


Great racing and strong competition took place in the two rooms of the NASCAR series. Pit strategy and tire conservation are huge factors in achieving a win in this series. Here are the results.


VM 2.4 Nürburgring GP Endurance

The second and final qualifying session was held at the Nürburgring Grand Prix track in preparation for the upcoming 2.4 hour endurance race of LMPC and DTM cars.  Adding to the challenge, cars will be running on drag compound tires.


Check out the entire 66 car grid of qualifiers.


SleepyOne Zzzzz

Community photo contest favorite from SleepyOne Zzzzz 


Upcoming VM Super GT Series 2

The VM Super GT Series 2 featuring seven high-horsepower RWD racing cars begins this weekend; there is still time to sign up and join the action.


Finally, congratulations to Forza 4 photographer FlyAwayStanley for winning the April Calendar Competition with this sunshine filled, classic muscle car shot.




If you have a racing series you would like to promote, talk about it in the RVM thread.


Porsche, Porsche, Porsche! 

Those unfamiliar with “The Brady Bunch” can click here to understand the history behind the title of this section. The point being, that it is all Porsche, all day long here at Turn 10. This is a good thing!


We are loving us some Porsche, and can’t wait to release the Porsche Expansion Pack later this month. Starting today we are tweeting the announcement of, and featuring pictures of, the soon to be released Porsches on Facebook and Twitter. We will be tweeting and posting every morning and afternoon until they are available. And with each announcement comes your chance to win great prizes from Turn 10 Studios and Porsche! Simply retweet the announcement of the unveiled car for your chance to win. Check out the whole Unveiling Porsche story and rules here.


Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get the full meal deal about the Porsche Expansion Pack featuring 30 Porsches (seven new to Forza), 20 new events centered around Porsches and new Xbox LIVE Achievements (for a total of 250 gamerscore points).



Community photo contest favorite from Max350z 


Today we announced the 1995 Porsche 911 GT2 and the 2011 #54 Black Swan Racing GT3 Cup. The latter is entirely new to Forza, and based on its previous performance in the ALMS GTC class, is going to be a rocket ship that cuts through corners like a hot knife through butter. It’s mighty gorgeous just sitting still as well.


What do you think of the Porsche Expansion Pack? What are you most excited to experience; the cars, the events, or the chance to conquer the new achievements? Discuss it in the RVM thread.


FYI About DLC 

Our new monthly series composed by yours truly offers tidbits and other details you may not have known about our monthly add-on packs. We also have requested the Forza community to dig up whatever intel they can find to supplement the stories in the article. Each week we will update the FYI About DLC article with the best new finds. Finders of cool stuff about the May TopGear Pack cars will receive unicorns.


Since I suck at drifting so bad but think it is a kick to watch, I picked this YouTube DomesticMango drift video to feature today. This was not submitted to the thread but is too awesome not to share.



Ethanol Free Gasoline 

Depending on where you live you may or may not have experienced gasoline mixed with ethanol. In the U.S. we are typically seeing 10 percent mixtures and there are plans to increase it to 15 percent. All the NASCAR cars use it too. No matter where you live or what the mix ratio is, the price of fuel is going up, up, up.


Recently, I started to buy fuel at an ethanol free station. While the fuel was advertised as offering increased mileage I was amazed at just how much better it was. My Toyota FJ Cruiser using an ethanol blend was getting about 215 miles per tank (in town) before the needle was in the “get fuel now” range. With ethanol free gasoline I got 260 miles (in town) before the fuel gauge hit the same mark. That’s a 17 percent improvement in mileage. Just thought I’d pass it on. I’d love to see what kind of improvements others experience or hear what you have to say about ethanol vs. pure petrol. Talk about it in the RVM thread.


I want to see the RVM thread get at least five pages long, and am offering unicorns of choice to those tell me the most interesting favorite thing about Porsches. If it goes ten pages I will double the gifts. Bribery is always an effective means of reaching goals, don't you think?