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Rear View Mirror 5/14/12

John Schommer
Tuesday, May 15, 2012

 Welcome to this week’s edition of Rear View Mirror, a look back at the week in racing in the real world and the world of Forza Motorsport 4.


Tweets, Unicorn Treats and 100 Pages of Porsche Love 

Last week in Rear View Mirror, I told of the upcoming Porsche Expansion Pack, our relentless teasing and daily unveiling of Porsches featured in said pack, and how you can win cool stuff from Turn 10 and Porsche by retweeting our car announcement tweets.


In an effort to reach new heights of exposure for RVM, I offered unicorns to those who posted their favorite thing about Porsche in last week’s RVM thread. What happened then is history in the making. I wanted to reach five pages, maybe ten, we are now at 80. While it has been a lot of extra work gifting unicorns, it has been very uplifting to know I have made literally hundreds of people happy unicorn owners. I gave away a few more today to encourage my super-duper stretch goal of 100 pages. I will give away a few more tomorrow if we reach 100 pages.


Thank you all for your contributions to Week One of  “Porsche Awareness Week” (as I like to call it) and if, you don’t already, follow us on Twitter @Turn10Studios, and retweet out car announcements that go out at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Pacific for your chance to win a free Porsche Expansion Pack or a prize from Porsche. Also, like us on Facebook to get access to all the latest Forza Motorsport 4 news.


Community photo contest favorite from GMSPromo 

Now, for a look into the Rear View Mirror….


American Le Mans Monterey Presented by Patrón at Mazda’s Laguna Seca 

One thing that makes the ALMS so interesting is the contrast between each race. So far, we have seen a 12-hour race at an old airfield (Sebring), a two-hour city course event (Long Beach), and now a six-hour endurance race at Mazda’s Laguna Seca, one of the most challenging race tracks in America. The field included 35 cars across five classes. The race had six full-course cautions and competition in GT class was a battle that delivered nose-to-tail racing for much of the race.


The team of Lucas Luhr and Klaus Graf, in the #6 Muscle Milk HPD-ARX-03a, took the overall, finishing three laps ahead of the nearest competitor. P2 class was won by Scott Tucker/Luis Diaz and Frank Montagny in the #95 HPD ARX-03b. Prototype Challenge class was very close with the top seven cars all finishing with a little more than a second separating them all. The PC win was taken by Jonathon Bennet and Colin Braun in the #05 Oreca FLM09.


The GT class provided the most exciting racing; competition between Corvette, BMW, Porsche, and Ferrari was a thrill to watch. Lead changes were affected by contact, aggressive racing, and pit crew efficiency. In the end, Corvette went one, two and BMW went three, four. Ferrari achieved fifth, followed by two Porsches.


So much action and so many cars could fill up an entire Rear View Mirror on its own. If you want more details check out the official ALMS site for more stories and the full race results. The ALMS now takes a 54-day break to accommodate the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Community photo contest favorite from S2M Evo 

Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya 

I love Formula 1, but the series is even more fun to watch when it’s on a Forza track like Circuit de Catalunya. There’s a familiarity and connection that makes the race even more exciting. Sunday’s 66-lap race was a real shake-up, giving us our fifth different race winner by a fifth constructor. Pastor Maldonado in the Williams Renault dominated the race and achieved his first win. Unfortunately, team mate Bruno Senna was taken out by Michael Schumacher in lap 13, due to no fault of his own and following the race the Williams garage exploded in fire (when the KERS system on one Senna’s damaged car detonated)  further damaging Senna’s car while victory celebrations were taking place. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.


Check out this brief video to get an idea of the destruction caused.



Schumacher will be penalized five grid spots in the upcoming race in Monaco for having caused the on-track accident with Senna. Yet another event in what must be an embarrassing year for him.


The podium was filled by Fernando Alonso in the Ferrari who placed second and Kimi Raikkonen in his Lotus took third. Team mate Romain Grosjean was right behind The Iceman in forth.  Both Lotus drivers achieved fastest lap and, given another lap, both could have placed even higher. 


  NASCAR Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington 

The elusive 200th victory for Hendrick Motorsports is finally in the books. They all got their hats, no more questions about it from reporters, all thanks to Jimmie Johnson and the #48 Lowes Chevrolet. You gotta love Rick Hendricks response to getting that victory. “Two hundred is great, but let's go get 250.”


Tony Stewart in the #14 Office Depot Chevy gave up an assured second place and settled for third when he ran out of gas on the last lap (a lap that was added to ensure a green-white-checkered finish). Denny Hamlin in the #11 FedEx Toyota, passed Stewart as his car starved for gas and took second.


Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and Hendricks Motorsports, a historic and long-awaited (win number 199 was achieved October 9, 2011) accomplishment.


Community photo contest favorite from Pure7Rock7Fury7 

Formula Drift Round Two Road Atlanta 

Formula Drift racing is a judged event based on four factors: speed, angle, line, and style. Competitors face off two by two, with the winner advancing to the next round. Finalist’s battle against one another and the winner is chosen by judge’s votes.


At the Road Atlanta course, drivers drift through turns 10A and B, then power through the loop before the Suzuki bridge then back through the turns and end the lap by drifting uphill.

Following up his Long Beach win, Justin Pawlak driving his Ford Racing/Rousch Yates 2013 Mustang finished on top. Driving a 500+ horsepower 2.7 liter turbo-charged Scion tC, Fredric Aasbo took second place. Third was won by Daigo Saito in his open top, Garret turbocharged Lexus SC430.


Giving Pawlak and Aasbo their due for achieving top spots, you have to check out this awesome jump drift Saito managed a couple years ago. FTW for making it look like he meant to do it.



Now let’s take a look at the latest news in some of Forza Motorsport 4’s most active community racing series.


Virtual Motorsports 


VM Super GT Series 2

Five hundred horsepower GT cars with drag tires make this a tire management- and pit strategy-intensive series. In this installment, it was 20 minutes of qualifying that lead to a grid ready to run twenty-eight laps at Twin Ring Motegi Circuit. The series has more than 50 entrants thus far. At the end of the day, the room one winner was #266 GambitOnHisOwn, an independent from Germany. Congratulations! Check the VM newsletter for the complete standings.


VM GP2 Series 2 

This week’s GP2 series took place at the Iberian Full Reverse; 75 drivers, racing spec-built S class SEAT Leon Supercup cars qualified and raced. Qualifying was extremely close, and room one (fastest drivers are grouped together) had only two tenths separating pole and 11th place grid positions.  A total of seven rooms competed in two 19-lap races. Congratulations to #440 VVV Amarth, who set the pole and won in room one. Here are the full results.


Community photo contest favorite from Th3H3llDriv3R 


The top 20 VM NASCAR drivers now compete in the chase period. These four final races of the series will grind out the champion and his subordinates. Race nine took place at Sunset Speedway reverse.  Qualifying was very close with #20 GLR Brizzo setting pole.


The race was held in two rooms with 10 drivers in each room. #984 EZT Shotgunz put down the fastest lap and won in room one in close, door-banging racing. For the full results and race quotes click here.


VM Classics Series 2

The next VM race series is about to begin. Choose from 122 classic American muscle, lightweight European and timeless classic cars to race.

These races will take place Saturdays, beginning May 19. Sign-ups are limited to the first 100 racers who commit, so act fast and get in the classic racing action.


Here is a promotional video for the Classics Series 2.



Really Rubbish Racing 


These guys race for fun because they are not very good. That’s their saying, not my opinion. Right now, they are running the Mid-Eighties, Mid-Engine series. If you want to race against real people but you’re not real good, these guys hold a solid set of events. Check the RRR site for more details and watch the YouTube video to get a feel for how the action plays out. If nothing else, you have gotta love the Culture Club “Karma Chameleon” soundtrack. Oh Boy George, where are you now?



50 Days of Green Hell 


Here’s a concept, pick 50 cars and run them around the Nürburgring, a track lovingly referred to as “The Green Hell” by racing legend Jackie Stewart. While this may not earn you an Xbox achievement, it is certainly an achievement. Dead Poul and Shortt Sirket earned their “Green Hell” badge in this thread and posted a video of each car doing it.


Now I propose the following, while not as hardcore as 50 cars in 50 days, I think this will be fun.


Johniwanna’s 5 Days of Green Hell   

Want a unicorn? Pick a car and run a lap of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Follow these rules and post up a video of your lap on YouTube and then post a link to it in this week’s RVM thread. I’ll pick ten winners by Friday and give them unicorn of choice. My criteria will be most unique car used, fastest lap time, coolest “Green Hell” livery (liveries not required), and style. Drifters welcome!


Rules are simple, no assists, no HUD, no map, no rewind, cockpit view only. You can tune the car to your liking. In your thread post, tell me the car you used, your unicorn of choice and any definitive details of why I should watch and choose your video.


Now go to H….I mean that in the nicest way.



Community photo contest favorite from nonficshaun 


warcryFin Bounty 

Who says painters can’t drive? This week’s Monthly Rivals Community Bounty is warcryFin, from Finland. Now I’m not sure it’s true that all Finn’s are born to drive, but this guy definitely can. His event is Easy Racers and he was as high as number 610 on the leaderboard (of more than 30,000 rivals). He has got some great prizes lined up if you beat him and also if you post a memorable comment or photo in his thread.


Try to knock him down and see if he gets back up!


Also, the Tuning Garage Database is open and looking for tuning submissions from all garages.


Special Tribute to Carroll Shelby from Domestic Mango 

While reading the thread about Friday’s Week in Review, Mango posted this touching and beautifully produced tribute video. It actually made me tear up, so I wanted to share it with you all.



Got a video to share, want to comment on any of these stories, or you just participated in Johniwanna’s Green Hell Challenge? Post it here!